22 September 2017 year Sulzer Chemtech Expands Production in Russia

Sulzer Chemtech, a Russian subsidiary of Sulzer, the international industrial conglomerate, is now expanding its production capacities to the city of Serpukhov in Moscow Region. Its plant, which occupies 25,000 m,2 manufactures advanced mass exchange equipment used in oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical industries.


It was established within the framework of a program for localization of Sulzer manufacturing facilities in Russia. The plant has state-of-the-art equipment and manufactures the company’s entire product range. The company has invested about RUB 400 m into this expansion.


“The facility that we have started up today is the result of an almost ten-year-long project to localize Sulzer Chemtech technologies in Russia. As a result, a rather small facility in Serpukhov has grown into a full-sized engineering plant. Its products are in demand by strategically important industries such as chemicals and oil refining. It is also important that Sulzer Chemtech also services foreign markets, which makes it the first ever Swiss company which exports its products manufactured in Russia to Europe. This is an example of actual import replacement, and we commenced our work on it back in 2009,” emphasized Mikhail V. Lifshits.


“This increase in production capacity of the existing plant is a win-win situation for Sulzer and the clients of the conglomerate. We will be able to significantly increase our competitiveness and render an even better service to our Russian clients. At the same time, logistics optimization will enable us to shorten the supply times to European countries to 3 to 4 days. Thus, all company clients, be they Russian or European ones, will have a proper supplier of hi-tech products manufactured in full compliance with Sulzer's global quality standards,” said Arnold van Sinderen, General Director of Sulzer Chemtech.

Over 100 people are now employed by this Sulzer Chemtech plant, and their number is planned to increase by one third by late 2018. The plant will manufacture standard structured packing, modern trays, separation equipment, column internals and static mixers.

Sulzer Chemtech is the leader in separation technology and mass exchange columns, mixing and two-phase media distribution technologies. Implementing advanced solutions which strengthen its clients’ competitive edge, Sulzer Chemtech sets standards in the field of mass exchange and static mixing. Company clients gain an advantage thanks to the worldwide network of commercial offices, engineering departments, manufacturing and service facilities.

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