1 June 2018 year Sulzer held user conference in Russia

"Sulzer Turbo Services Rus" held gas turbine users conference.

The event was attended by more than 70 top managers and leading technical experts of the largest energy and service companies, that operate and make service of gas-turbine units on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The conference was opened by Mikhail Lifshits, Board of Directors of Sulzer AG member, Oleg Tokarev, Deputy Head of the Machine Building and Investment Machinery Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Daniel Bischofberger, President of the Sulzer AG Rotating Equipment Services Division.

2018-06-01 sulzer conf.png

Technical Director of the Dutch office Sulzer Turbo Services Venlo, Sjef Mattej told about the existing solutions of the company for the modernization of gas turbine units, which allow to increase the power and efficiency of gas turbines.

The topic of hot gas path details refurbishment by unique patented Sulzer technologies was thoroughly presented by product Manager of the company Ervin Mom. Details refurbishment allows to save customers form 30% and 70% of the cost of new parts, and extends their estimated lifetime in full compliance with warranty obligations, which also leads to lowering costs for energy companies.

Sulzer components repair technologies in many cases exceed the solutions of the OEM, for whom the restoration of parts is a non-core line of business. Also, the topics of repair technologies and production of new parts localization in Russia in the Service Center of "Sulzer Turbo services Rus" in Yekaterinburg were discussed and its development plans were presented. The conference program included a General report on the current state of the company, information about the field service, presentation of Sulzer's competencies in the field of compressor equipment maintenance.

In addition, Customers Relevant Management representatives shared with colleagues the experience of interaction with Sulzer, thus, for example, Y. Moiseycev told about cooperation with "Sulzer Turbo services Rus" within the framework of existing long-term contracts for the maintenance of turbines Siemens SGT5-2000E (V94.2), GE 6FA, Alstom 13E2, SGT-800.

Also at the conference was a presentation made by the technical Director of system prognostics condition of the power equipment PRANA Maxim Lipatov, describing the capabilities and experience of its application in the energy companies.

The conference was concluded with a panel discussion on the topic of interaction between generating companies and service-providers in the field of reducing the dependence of the energy industry on western technologies. Within its framework, the President of the company "REP holding" Tagir Nigmatulin told about the current status of localization of GTU MS5002E, and also expressed the opinion that for further localization of production of these and other types of gas turbines it is necessary to combine the efforts of energy companies, project institutes and production sites. This position was supported by all participants of the panel discussion.

The conference allowed to unite in one place the main players of the energy market, to inform the audience about the latest Sulzer technologies, the current state of localization of production and field service and plans for their development.

"This is an important event in our company’s business development, which shows that we stand on our feet with confidence and look into the future with the perspective. Nevertheless we understand that success is possible only in partnership with our Customers. It was very important to get feedback from them to understand where we can be better," noted Oleg Shevchenko, General Director of Sulzer Turbo services Rus.

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