25 July 2013 year Sulzer is expanding its product portfolio

During the first semester of 2013 the Swiss company has increased its product portfolio by 3.8% (from 2.22 billion USD, as compared with approximately 2.14 billion USD in the first half of 2012). The gain in received orders was reported by almost all the divisions of the company: Sulzer Pumps (pumps + 5.4%, as compared with the first half of 2012), Sulzer Metco (coating + 2.8%), Sulzer Chemtech (Chemtech + 13.9%). Sulzer Turbo Services (turbine servicing – 9.3%) reported a decline in the received orders. The management of the company explains this situation by the drop in orders placed primarily by the British and Australian energy and other industrial companies.

The company’s sales grew in three divisions out of four and exceeded 2 billion USD. Herewith, the highest gain in sales was reported by Sulzer Metco (coating + 4.5%). Sulzer Turbo Services (turbine servicing) and Sulzer Chemtech (Chemtech) have also reported the growth in the first semester of 2012 (+1.5% and +0.2%, respectively).

The only division reporting decreased sales is Sulzer Pumps (pumps – 3.2%). It is explained by the falling demand for the products of the division from water supply and discharge companies, especially in the Southern European countries. For the first time, this tendency was noticed last year, when the volume of orders for this type of products decreased. Eventually, it led to the reduction in revenues received in 2013 under the last year contracts.

Top management of Sulzer made a strategic decision to focus the activity of the company on three key markets – oil/gas, power and water supply. They accounted for two thirds of the revenue of the company in 2012.

Geographically, the management of the company forecasts the maximum growth at the markets in Asian Pacific Region and North America.

Sulzer has a network of production and engineering facilities in Russia – in Khimki, Lubertsy, Serpukhov, St. Petersburg, Ufa and Togliatti.

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