24 March 2017 year TEEMP demonstrates a new supercapacitor module

TEEMP, the Russian manufacturer of supercapacitor energy storage units, demonstrated the new supercapacitor module MLSK-155-16 at the “Autonomous Current Sources” exhibition.

The module with working voltage 16 V and capacitance 155 F has a new interface for transmitting data about the status of its cells (voltage and temperature), and an improved housing, which meets both 1P54 and IP65 standards. The module is the basis for the start-stop public and heavy-load transportation systems.

The Company also demonstrated to the exhibition attendees a cold-start system and a solution for hybrid transportation.

This is the 26th time Moscow has hosted the International Specialized Exhibition “Autonomous Current Sources.” It was attended by Russian and international developers of energy storage systems and their equipment manufacturers.

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