30 November 2017 year TER-service and Sulzer successfully completed a Major inspection at CHPP-27 of "Mosenergo" PJSC

TER-service and Sulzer, with its subsidiary Sulzer Turbo Services Rus, completed a Major inspection of the GTE-160 gas turbine at CHPP-27 of PJSC "Mosenergo", where into gas turbine were mounted blades and vanes of stages 3 and 4, refurbished in Russia. The repair works of hot gas path details were performed in the Sulzer service center in Yekaterinburg.

"This inspection is specific because it is for the first time when into industrial gas turbine were installed blades, refurbished in the Russian Federation. To the date, the elements of hot gas path for repair works Customers had to send abroad. This is the next stage of our gas turbines repairs western high technology localization program in Russia" – announced Oleg Shevchenko, General Director of "Sulzer Turbo Services Rus" LLC.

Specialists performed repairs of the gas turbine hot gas path elements: mixers and flame tubes, replacement of thermal protective ceramic tiles. Additionally Sulzer supplied to CHPP-27 premix gas dividers for the GTU repair within 7 weeks, while the normal lead time for manufacture and supply of such equipment is several months.

The Major inspection of the gas turbine unit was completed within the set term, the combined-cycle gas-turbine unit PGU-450 was put into operation in accordance with the schedule.

Reference information

PJSC "Mosenergo" is the biggest territorial generating company in Russia. In the company 15 power plants with installed electric output of 12.9 thousand MW are in operation. The installed heat output of the company is 42.8 Gcal/hour. "Mosenergo" power plants supply over 60% of electric energy consumed in the Moscow region and over 80% of the Moscow demand for heat energy (not accounting for annexed territories). The controlling shareholder and executive organization of PJSC "Mosenergo" is LLC "Gazprom energoholding" (100% affiliate of PJSC "Gazprom").

Sulzer Turbo Services Rus is a joint venture of the Swiss-based company Sulzer and JSC “ROTEC”. The company provides innovative services and maintenance for gas turbines in the power generation industry. The services include refurbishment of hot gas path parts and cold section components as well as the supply of necessary consumables and units. By combining cutting-edge technologies from Sulzer and the great experience in the Russian market from “ROTEC” Sulzer Turbo Services Rus offers its customers quality maintenance of power equipment and effective technical solutions to improve customers’ processes and business performance

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