21 February 2014 year Tests of a new power generating unit comprising T-65 turbine manufactured by UTW have been completed at Barnaul HPP-2

The comprehensive tests of a new power generating unit comprising turbine T-65 manufactured by the Ural Turbine Works have been performed successfully at Barnaul HPP-2 (OJSC Siberian Generating Company).

            The equipment has been under the rated electric load for 72 hours of continuous operation. Then the power plant was brought to the maximum electric power capacity. The full generating equipment set of Barnaul HPP-2 was operating in non-stop mode for 8 hours. The comprehensive tests have been completed without any failures, and the equipment withstood the specified parameters both under the maximum, rated and minimum loads.

      It should be reminded that the new equipment is installed to replace the UTW-manufactured turbine T-55 which outlived its usefulness and was de-commissioned. A new twin cylinder T-65 turbine is a production model and a new model in the product line of steam turbines Т-50-130 well-proven over the long years of operation at RF and CIS HPPs.

     The electric load of the new turbine-generator set will amount 65 MW (the installed capacity of the old de-commissioned equipment is 55 MW). It will enable generating approximately 320 mln. kW of electric power per year. Retrofitting of HPP-2 is the most important project for the Altai Territory. Its implementation will enhance the reliability and quality of provision of consumers with electric power and heat, and will reduce the fuel use per unit of the supplied energy.

       It should be reminded that the works on retrofitting and upgrading of power generating unit No. 8 at Barnaul HPP-2 commenced 3 years ago. Turbine Т-65 is the first of UTW-manufactured turbines supplied within the scope of the investment programme of OJSC Siberian Generating Company for retrofitting of the existing facilities at Barnaul HPP-2. Another similar turbine will have been be installed at the HPP by November, 2014. The power plant facilities will have been upgraded by 30% after the start-up of two turbines.

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