13 October 2014 year The Memorandum of Cooperation with Belenergo is signed

On October 13, 2014, in Minsk, the Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the State electric power production association Belenergo (Republic of Belarus) and CJSC Ural Turbine Works (Russian Federation) within the framework of formal visit of the Sverdlovsk Region delegation to the Republic of Belarus. SPA Belenergo General Director Yevgeny Voronov and CJSC Ural Turbine Works Chairman of the Board Mikhail Lifshits signed the document.

The document provides for cooperation between the two companies to ensure the effective performance, upgrade and development of power generating facilities in Belarus, as well as for the provision of engineering support for the operation, repair and maintenance of power generating equipment at power stations.

Yevgeny Voronov: “The Belarusian power engineers have solid experience in operating products manufactured by the Ural Turbine Works, which are installed at Minsk CHPP-3 and CHPP-4, Novopolotsk CHPP, Mogilyov CHPP-2 and Mozyr CHPP. During this time the turbines have shown good results. The new stage in our cooperation may significantly enhance reliability and efficiency of our power system.”

Mikhail Lifshitz: "In recent years, there was no proper interaction between the Ural and the Belarusian Power engineers. This period is over, we return to Belarus to work hard and tight. On two projects - the reconstruction of Minsk CHPP-3 and the modernization of the turbine Grodno CHPP-2 - the plant is already preparing its proposals for the competition. Simultaneously we analyze the perspective of spare parts supply and service market. "

Joining of efforts can be particularly useful during the modernization project implementation for the existing turbine fleet with its long operation period, as a result of which power engineers will receive virtually new turbines with state-of-the-art performance characteristics. Ural Turbine Works, as one of the leading manufacturers of cogeneration steam turbines in the post-Soviet territory, has traditionally supplied steam turbines for the Belarusian power system. Today Ural machine builders can provide expert assistance to their Belarussian colleagues in extending the life span of the existing turbine fleet.

The experience of the Ural turbine manufacturers can be useful when implementing projects to build new power units. In recent years, the Works has extended its range of products and brought to the market new cogeneration and condensing steam turbine models with improved operating parameters, including turbines for combined cycle power plants.

CJSC Ural Turbine Works ( is one of the leading Russian designer, manufacturer and supplier of power generating equipment. Established in 1938, the company now specializes in the manufacture of steam turbines and the servicing and retrofitting of steam and gas turbines. The company is part of the ROTEC holding.

The State electric power production association Belenergo ( manages the economic activity of the Belarusian power system. SPA Belenergo comprises 30 business units, including six regional utility companies, construction and installation companies, infrastructure production companies, repair and commissioning companies and research and development institutes. Belenergo facilities have an installed power-generating capacity of 9,381.3 MW. 

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