1 September 2014 year The new power unit construction is under way at the largest power station in Mongolia

The Ural Turbine Works (ROTEC holding) will complete the construction of the new power unit at the largest in Mongolia Ulaanbaatar CHPP-4 (output 660 MW) at the end of 2014. The capacity of the whole Mongolian power system due to the project implementation will be increased by 13 percent.

The new steam turbine manufactured by the Ural Turbine Works will increase the electrical capacity of CHPP-4 from 660 to 790 MW, the thermal output and supply reliability for consumers with thermal energy (hot water) will also be increased.

Mikhail Lifshitz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ural Turbine Works CJSC, General Director of ROTEC CJSC: "It is the largest Export Contract in the post-Soviet period of Russian contractors for CHPP power unit turnkey construction. The project capital investment will be about 2 billion rubles".

By now the considerable amount of work has already been completed, the installation of the main and auxiliary equipment is under way. According to the schedule in September the steam turbine cylinders will be closed on the main building site of Ulaanbaatar CHPP-4, the installation of low and high pressure piping was made, the installation of electrical equipment and automatic process control system will begin. Besides, the commissioning works on auxiliary thermal and mechanical equipment will be executed.

In different years more than 80 steam and 5 gas turbines of various modifications manufactured by the Ural Turbine Works were supplied to the countries in North-East Asia.

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