11 December 2014 year The Newest TEEMP Supercapacitor Prototypes Twice Cheaper and More Powerful Than Counterparts

Skolkovo venture conference “Batteries and Energy Storage: from intellectual potential to end-user products” took place on 10 December 2014. Start-up companies, potential Skolkovo participants and corporations presented their developments in the field of electrochemical energy storage. TEEMP, a member of the Rotec Holding and a Skolkovo resident, presented pulse and power (hybrid) supercapacitors. TEEMP created high-value capacitors for short processes, such as accumulation of the braking energy of electrically driven cars. Fundamentally new design of the capacitors that reduced the labour intensity of manufacturing by almost 10 times, and the nanoporous electrode carbon that increased the capacitance by almost 1.5 times, took the capacitor cost down by 2-3 times as compared to the competitors.

Cheap energy storage units combined with the other TEEMP’s energy-saving solution – gearless drive (motor-wheels) – allowed creating so long expected eco-car for wide use at the price of a regular car.

Anatoly Dolgolaptev, General Director of TEEMP: "Development is completed. The advantages of the new products are confirmed, by independent tests too. At the moment, pursuant to the results of the tests, we are preparing a decision on establishment of the serial production and conducting negotiations with potential technology partners and investors."

Energy storage units based on TEEMP supercapacitors can be used for automobile and railway transport, at traditional and renewable power facilities as energy storage, in the Smart Grid systems. At the conference TEEMP met representatives of Rosatom who are interested in the extensive application of this product in order to improve power quality in the grids.

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