22 April 2014 year After being reconstructed the power generation plant No. 8 equipped with a steam turbine manufactured by UTW has been put into operation at Barnaul HPP-2

After being reconstructed the power generation plant No. 8 equipped with a steam turbine manufactured by CJSC Ural Turbine Works has been put into operation at Barnaul HPP-2 (heat and power plant). This is the first large-scale investment project in the Altai power industry over the past few decades.

For two power units of Barnaul HPP-2 (Siberian Generating Company LLC) the Ural Turbine Works delivers turbines T-65-130-2M (maximum capacity of 65 MW). The commissioned power unit is the first stage of power plant modernization. The second steam turbine start-up at the power unit No. 9 is scheduled for January 2015. After two turbines start-up the plant output will be increased by 30%.

New equipment will enhance the operational reliability of the plant, increase the power reserve of the whole electric power system in the region, reduce the fuel consumption per unit of delivered energy. The ecological situation in Barnaul will be improved thanks to a significant reduction of hazardous emissions. Thus, sulfur oxides and nitrogen emissions will be reduced by the factor of more than two, and ash - eight times.

Besides, only the power unit No. 8 commissioning has ensured 400 jobs creation. During the project execution a number of Contractors were involved, new service enterprises were founded.

The steam turbines Т-60/65-130-2М are installed instead of life-expired turbines T-55-130 that were also manufactured by the Ural Turbine Works. These machines worked well for many years of operation in the RF and CIS HPP.

Modern assemblies and improved elements that increase the technical and economic performance and turbine plant transfer capacity are used in the new two-cylinder turbines T-65-130-2M. The electrical load of new turbine generator is 65 MW (installed capacity of the old one, decommissioned equipment is 55 MW). This will further generate about 320 million kWh of the electrical energy per year for the Altai Territory needs.

During the new equipment installation old foundations and existing infrastructure were used as much as possible, therefore terms and cost of works were reduced. The seismic characteristics of the region were taken into account and in case of earthquakes the equipment will operate without a failure.

Turbines T-65-130-2M are the most demanded model of UTW. Over the last years these turbines were installed at the Novo-Ryazan and Pavlodar HPP (Kazakhstan).

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