14 March 2016 year The Ural Machine Engineers’ Most Powerful Turbine to be Installed at One of the World’s Biggest CHP Plants

It will replace the overage unit manufactured in 1970

EKATERINBURG, March 14. /TASS/. The Ural Turbine Works (UTW, a part of “Rotec” holding) is manufacturing a new 355 MW turbine for one of the world’s biggest CHP plants – the Dzerzhinsky plant (Moscow Region). It was reported by Sverdlovsk Region Governor’s Information Department.

According to the department’s spokesperson, “The new Т-295/335 turbine manufactured by the Ural Turbine Works will replace the overage unit, which was also manufactured by UTW but in 1970. The new product with its 335 MW power capacity will be the world’s most powerful cogeneration plant. The turbine is expected to arrive at CHPP-22 by the end of this year”.


The spokesperson also mentioned that Generating Unit No.9 is currently being prepared for dismantling. The Dzerzhinsky CHPP (launched in 1960), one of the world’s largest CHP plants, is a part of “Mosenergo” Generating Company. The plant runs on natural gas and coal and reaches 1,320 MW electrical and 3,606 Gcal/hour heat power capacity.

The Ural Turbine Works was established in 1938. Its first 12 000-kW AT-12 steam turbine was assembled and tested in May 1942. According to the works’ press service, approximately half of the installed capacity of Russia and CIS cogeneration turbines is attributable to UTW turbines. The works also takes part in the creation of the world’s largest icebreaker ship – the Arctic. Low-pressure casings and condensers for the icebreaker’s two steam turbines have already been manufactured by the works and sent to the docks.

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