6 February 2020 year The Ural Turbine Works to Supply T Plus with Three Turbines within the DPM-2 Framework

The Ural Turbine Works JSC and T Plus PJSC have signed a turbine supply agreement for the company’s stations: two units for Perm CHP-9 and one unit for Izhevsk CHP-2. The projects will be implemented within the framework of the DPM-2 program. The equipment’s commissioning is scheduled for 2022–2023. The turbines total installed power is 310 MW.

The T-100 turbine, which has been operating at Perm CHP-9 since 1973, will be replaced with the new-generation unit Тп-124-12,8-NG. The Т-60/66-10,2 unit will be installed on the basis of the R-50-130 turbine, which was previously decommissioned at this station, and will work in a block with the GTE-160 gas turbine unit. The T-110/120 turbine, which has been used for 37 years at Izhevsk CHP-2, will also be replaced with a Тп-124-12,8-NG unit.

The implementation of these projects will significantly improve the technical and economic performance of the stations: increase production in the heat-end mode operation and the efficiency of heat and electricity production. Thus, the project’s implementation will make it possible to decommission the three outmoded and obsolete turbine units at Perm CHP-9 that have been used at the station since the middle of the last century. The specific consumption of conventional fuel for electricity supply will be reduced by 17% due to the efficient equipment’s improving. The electric power installed at Izhevsk CHP-2 will be increased by 14.9 MW.

The turbines that will be installed at the stations belong to a new generation of machines being developed by The Ural Turbine Works. The T-60 turbine is an advanced single-cylinder unit to be used in CCGT. The turbine design makes it possible to organize the extractions necessary for the station, both for its own process and for heating, providing a heating load of up to 143 Gcal/h. The turbines of this series boast more than 170,000 hours of successful accumulated operational time. The Тп-124-12,8-NG turbine is a modern continuation of the T-100 family of cogeneration turbines with a number of design and circuit updates to improve the unit’s reliability, efficiency and maneuverability. The turbine provides for the necessary steam consumption for the СНР process extraction, the heat extraction provides for a heating load of up to 190 Gcal/h.

Director General of The Ural Turbine Works, Igor Sorochan: “T Plus is one of our key customers. In just the last 10 years, 7 of our turbines have been delivered to the company’s stations. At the same time, it’s important that the customer is ready to try out and implement new future-oriented solutions.”

The Ural Turbine Works JSC ( – is one of Russia’s leading machine-building plants engaged in design and manufacturing of power-generation equipment. The UTW was founded in 1938 and is focused on the production of steam turbines, as well as on the servicing and retrofit of steam and gas turbines. It has significant successful experience in supplying power equipment on the international market, including for the power-generating enterprises of Belenergo SPA. The company is a member of ROTEC.

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