21 November 2013 year The UTW supplies Ulyanovsk aircraft company with power

The Ural Turbine Works has conducted activities for restoration and improvement of technical and economic features of turbine ПТ-135 installed at Ulyanovsk HPP-2 (OJSC Volzhskaya TGC). The HPP delivers power and heat to the aircraft industrial complex and the residential area where many thousands people live.

The completed repair and retrofit of the low pressure rotor enabled to enhance reliability and maintainability of the turbine. Its start-up is scheduled for this month.

Ulyanovsk HPP-2 is the most powerful and young power plant in the region. The first steam turbine ПТ-135 was commissioned in 1986 and was awarded the state quality mark. In 1989 and 1993 some units with turbines Т-185 were commissioned. The installed capacity of the power plant is 417 MW, the installed thermal power is 1401 Gcal/h.

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