24 December 2019 year To improve the reliability of Yakutskaya SDPP-2 PRANA predictive-analytics system is being integrated at the plant

RusHydro PJSC and ROTEC JSC signed a contract to introduce the PRANA predictive-analytics and remote-monitoring system at Yakutskaya SDPP-2. PRANA is to monitor and predict the technical condition of 4 General Electric LM 6000 PF DF gas turbine units, 4 Brush turbo-generators, 4 КУВ-38.1-185 heat-recovery boilers, 2 Atlas Copco TP10T22D1 gas-booster compressors and 4 unit transformers.

Yakutskaya State District Power Plant-2 (SDPP) was chosen by RusHydro PJSC as one of the first facilities at which to introduce predictive analytics, since the power supply of the republic’s capital and 10 adjacent regions with a population of more than half a million Yakutians depends on the reliable operation of its units located in the permafrost zone.

Implementation of the PRANA System at the Yakutskaya SDPP-2 will make it possible to promptly detect and prevent future faults, improve operational quality and fuel efficiency. The timely identification of emerging equipment defects will make it possible to assess the residual lifetime of elements of primary technological equipment and, as a result, reduce the frequency and cost of maintenance and repairs. Every second, the PRANA system registers and archives the entire volume of incoming online operating data from connected equipment, making it possible to improve the objectivity of repair-quality assessments, identify manufacturer defects, and ensure comprehensive service control.

The PRANA Predictive-Analytics and Remote-Monitoring System ( is an industrial IoT solution that identifies defects in the operation of industrial equipment 2–3 months prior to possible accidents. The system combines methods of statistical analysis, digital product imaging, and instrumental technique for working with big data and machine-learning technologies.

RusHydro ( is Russia’s largest power company in terms of installed capacity, combining more than 400 individual generating facilities. RusHydro is the country’s largest and world’s fourth-largest hydropower company, a Russian leader in terms of power generation from renewable energy sources. The installed capacity of RusHydro power plants, including Boguchanskaya HPP, is 39.8 GW.

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