16 October 2015 year Ural Turbine Works, CJSC: new upgrade solutions for turbine equipment. -

One of the Belarusian power industry development strategies is upgrade and modernization of the installed generating equipment fleet and steam turbines in particular. The Ural Turbine Works, CJSC (part of the ROTEC Holding), presented its capabilities in modernization and revamp of the existing turbine fleet and in supply of new turbo generators at the Energy Expo 2015. Taras Shibaev, UTW Deputy Chief Designer, answered the questions of our portal.


— Taras, your company has maintained leadership in supplies of turbine equipment on the CIS market for decades. How do you do it?

— Nowadays the Ural Turbine Works is a fast-growing machine-building company designing and manufacturing power-generating equipment. The quality of our equipment is time-proven — we have been manufacturing equipment for power industry for more than 75 years. More than half (by capacity) of the cogeneration steam turbines running in Russia and the CIS states were manufactured in the Urals. By the way, 50% of the Belarusian fleet is represented by the turbines made by our company.

The Ural Turbine Works does not rest on its laurels – it is evolving. I am proud to point out that approx. 1 billion Russian rubles have been invested in modernization of our works over the last three years.

These days the company specializes in cogeneration and condensing steam turbines production, and steam and gas turbines service. In addition, the UTW product range was extended by steam turbines for CCGT units and powerful condensing steam turbines. To solve the "Р" type idle turbines issue, the UTW suggests installation of bottom steam turbines.

The Ural Turbine Works can manufacture both steam turbines for its original segment and power turbines of almost any degree of complexity. For instance, we shipped equipment for the Arktika nuclear-powered icebreaker this year.

— Taras, the UTW turbines have shown reliable and cost-effective operation at the Belarusian CHPPs for a long time, however, the majority of them have exceeded their life cycle. What solution does your company offer to solve this problem?

— The maximum service life of a steam turbine is 250 thousand hours to be followed by either refurbishment of the steam turbine with the reliability and power factor improvement and service life extension or complete replacement of the turbine by a new one.

The simplest way of revamp and service life extension is renovation and replacement of high-temperature units that exceeded their life cycle.

The UTW developed upgrade kits for the whole turbine model range including Т-250, Т-185, Т-100, Т-50, ПТ-135, ПТ-50, ВПТ-25-3(4), Р-100, allowing for equipment service life extension by 200 thousand hours and for equipment cost efficiency and reliability improvement. We offer our customers control systems retrofit with the installation of hydraulic and electromechanical systems for all our turbines.

UTW, CJSC, has developed a steam turbine upgrade (illustrated by the example of Т-100-130) with GTU build-up and conversion to steam-gas cycle.

The Ural Turbine Works offers a large scope of modernization for the Т-100 turbines. A standard solution may be implemented in three ways. The first way is replacement of a high-pressure cylinder by a new one which extends service life and improves reliability; the second way is revamp of an intermediate pressure cylinder which in its turn gives an opportunity to increase the output up to 136 megawatt; and the third way is revamp of a low-pressure cylinder in the existing casing.

It should be mentioned that upgrade is not only refurbishment and replacement of life-time parts but also improvement of equipment performance. Change in operating conditions and challenges confronting the power generating companies may be the reason for upgrade.

— Are custom-tailored service and optimal quality-price ratio your competitive advantages?

— Sure. The Ural Turbine Works is ready to offer cutting edge inventions and advances. We offer turbine upgrade kits not only of our own making but also of other manufacturers. Our advantage is our custom-tailored approach to each specific project. We study equipment specifications and efficiency of equipment utilization in detail and only then we come up with an offer. What is more, the cost of our offers is lower than the cost of modernization offers of other companies.

— Mogilev CHPP-2 became one of your recent Belarusian customers.

— The Ural Turbine Works, CJSC, made a contract with Belenergoremnaladka, JSC, for revamping of a low-pressure rotor of a ПТ-135/165-130/21 turbo generator for the needs of the Mogilev CHPP-2 (Mogilevenergo RUE). The performance time is the second quarter of 2016.

The ПТ-135 turbine was supplied by the Ural Turbine Works in early 1980s and has already developed heavy wear of major components. The rotor revamping will be carried out as part of the project of complete modernization of the turbo generator and will make it possible to not only extend the service life of the turbine but also improve significantly performance indicators of the equipment. In addition to the rotor revamping, UTW, CJSC, will manufacture and supply components including new upgraded high-pressure control valves with very leak-tight seals.

The Ural Turbine Works is interested in the development of cooperation with the power generating companies of Belarus. Negotiations for prospects of further cooperation took place between the UTW’s management and the representatives and managers of the Belarusian power generating companies during the exhibition. We hope that our plans and intensions will come true soon.

— Thank you.

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