19 March 2015 year Ural Turbine Works Launches Mongolia’s Largest Power Unit of 20 years. Prime

Ural Turbine Works (UTW) – Russia-based machine-building holding company and a ROTEC constituent – commissioned Mongolia’s largest new power unit in 20 years on Last Thursday at CHP-4 in the capital Ulan Bator, ROTEC spokesman informed RIA Novosti.

According to the Company, CHP-4 of Ulan Bator, designed and built in 1987 with Soviet technologies and equipment, remained Mongolia’s largest power generating entity.

“This is Mongolia’s first major energy project in 20 years. It’s been quite a while since such large power units were built. Last year the 50MW unit at CHP-3 in Ulan Bator was a big event, and now we commission a 123MW unit. With this in operation, the maximum capacity output of CHP-4 has been raised to 790MW,” said the news agency’s source.
He reported that the parties signed a report on comprehensive testing in Ulan Bator last Thursday, enabling the unit’s fully operational launch. The official commissioning ceremony is scheduled for Friday, to be attended by representatives of the Mongolian Ministry of Energy, and Mikhail Lifshitz, UTW Board Chairman and CEO, the Company’s spokesman added.

With Ural Turbine Works as General Contractor and supplier of equipment, the project built a power unit expected to have at least 40 years of service life; construction and installation at CHP-4 in Ulan Bator were done by SOYUZ Power Construction Corp., part of SOYUZ Russian Holding Co., the interviewee said.

Part of RENOVA Group, ROTEC industrial holding conglomerate is involved in high-tech projects in power machine building, aerospace engine building, biotechnologies, and other sectors of industry. Ural Turbine Works is one of Russia’s leading machine building companies in project design and manufacturing of power equipment.

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