29 May 2015 year Ural Turbine Works organized a scientific and technical conference

May 27–28, Yekaterinburg, Ural Turbine Works (UTW) (ROTEC Holding) organized a scientific and technical conference "New Solutions To Improve Efficiency of Generating Equipment".


The participants who included representatives of generating and engineering companies from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Mongolia, employees of leading Russian industry institutes and universities, discussed topical issues related to turbine building.

UTW professionals unveiled new turbine models Т-295 and Т-125 which they are currently working on. Representatives of Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI), All-Russian Thermal Engineering Institute (VTI) and Ural Federal University put forward for discussion their latest researches which are the thing of the future of the thermal power sector: improvement of steam turbine wheelspaces, creation of future-oriented heavy-duty steam turbines, and others. Representatives of the generating companies GPO BelEnergo and OAO Volga TGC shared their experience in operation of turbines and today's market requirements to equipment.

Another topic covered at the conference was the upgrade of the existing power equipment and servicing of both steam and gas turbines. These issues were the subject of the reports prepared by UTW designers, professionals from ROTEC, Comtec-Energoservice, etc.


Igor Sorochan, General Director of CJSC Ural Turbine Works: "The conference which was attended by customers, developers and manufacturers, and representatives of the scientific community, has given us a unique opportunity to come together to discuss the most important industry issues. There is no doubt that this joint effort will give an impetus to further development of scientific and technical ideas".

B. Tseveen, Projects Director of Ulaanbaator CHP-4 (Mongolia): "It was important to me to learn about the latest technical advances in the development of both turbine units and other CHP equipment. It was an opportunity to meet people in person and share our experience. It always makes me wonder how other power engineers solve problems that they face at their power plants".

Vadim Mazur, Deputy Head of Power Plants and District Heating Networks Operation Section of GPO BelEnergo (Republic of Belarus): "It was important to us to tell others about the energy system of Belarus and challenges we are facing. Today BelEnergo and UTW are working under the Memorandum of Cooperation signed in 2014. By participating in the conference we are taking another step in our cooperation. We are very keen to know UTW's life, its projects, and technical capacity. I'd like to mention that UTW-produced turbines currently in operation in Belarus have proven to be highly reliable units".

Vladimir Gribin, Head of Steam and Gas Turbines Department, Doctor of Engineering, Professor of National Research University MPEI: "We take interest in UTW's new developments as a university department cannot function without referring to practical experience. It is essential to us to understand what kind of research to conduct, what will be in demand, what to teach our students. This marriage of science and practice allows us to push forward and continuously develop our country's steam turbine engineering sector".

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