1 July 2013 year Ural Turbine Works reorganizes its production facilities

Ural Turbine Works has commenced a project for reorganization of the blade and vane production in association with Crosstown Power GMBH. Its primary objective is doubling the efficiency of the blade and vane production and reduction of the blade and production cycle.

The duration of the project consisting of two stages is 1.5 years. The first stage will involve the acquisition of input information required for overall evaluation of the situation. The second stage will consist of performance of the planned activities: setting up the production flows, selecting, assembling and commissioning of the required equipment and training of operations personnel.

“This is a pilot project for our company targeting the reorganization of the production,” notes Nikolai Sbitnev, the Deputy Technical Manager. “This project is urgently needed in the current economic situation since we have to be competitive at the power machine building market. Implementation of the project at the UTW is a starting point of a long journey towards overall reorganization of the production, which will take the company to a whole new level.”

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