Company news Ural Turbine Works upgrades facilities in Kazan

Ural Turbine Works signed a contract with TGC-16 for upgrading of a PT-60 steam turbine into a bottom steam turbine for the Kazan CHP.

The project being implemented at Kazan CHP-3 consists in implementing an original technological solution using the existing, sometimes idle, equipment. The bottom turbine is installed at the exhaust of the backpressure turbine and operated by the steam exhausted by this turbine.

Since Kazan CHP-3 is equipped with two backpressure turbines generating large quantity of steam and, consequently, heat energy, generation of the electrical energy depends, to a certain degree, on the quantity of the consumed heat energy. The generation of the electrical energy also decreased due to the reduced consumption of the heat energy.

As a result of upgrading of Kazan CHP-3, electric power generation will be virtually independent of the heat consumer. The rated output power will increase by 12MW.

“Upgrading of the steam turbine PT-60 into a bottom turbine will ensure more efficient and environmentally friendly power generation at Kazan CHP-3,” comments Igor Sorochan, UTW ZAO Director General.

Ural Turbine Works will manufacture a set of components and units for upgrading the turbine within the framework of the contract. Delivery of the upgraded turbine is scheduled for the end of 2014.

TGC-16 operates 7 steam turbines manufactured by UTW ZAO with the total capacity of 730MW. Kazan CHP-3, as a business unit of TGC-16, is the largest industrial heating CHP in Kazan.

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