Manufacture and supply of turbines Ural Turbine Works

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Ural Turbine Works is a leading Russian machine building plant designing and manufacturing power generation equipment. It is a member of ROTEC holding.

The plant has the potential to produce up to 2.5GW per year. At present, the company specializes in manufacturing steam cogeneration turbines.
UTW follows modern trends in the power generation industry development in designing and upgrading the turbines. It can offer alternative design and turbine configurations meeting the specific needs of the client.

Since 2006 Ural Turbine Works has been equipping its turbines with new electro-hydraulic control and protection system featuring modern microprocessor controllers. 
Product line of UTW includes:
1. Steam turbines for steam power plants
    - Cogeneration turbines with up to 300MW capacity
    - Cogeneration turbines with up to 200MW capacity
2. Steam turbines for combined cycle plants  
    - For PGU-110, PGU-220/230, PGU-420/450  
3. Bottom cycle steam turbines  
   - Possible utilization of the idle «Р» type turbines
4. Ship turbines

As of May 1, 2018, Ural Turbine Works produced 900 steam turbines with a total capacity exceeding 63 thousand MW. More than 500 turbines manufactured by UTW are operated in Russia. UTW has also supplied its turbines to the CHPs in China, Mongolia, Korea, Poland, Romania, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, the Baltic States, etc.

UTW-produced steam turbine references

Competences in the area of steam turbine manufacturing:

  • Design and sizing of the impulse turbines flow parts with capacity from 17 to 330 MW
  • Thermal and strength parameter calculations of turbine elements and turbine equipment
  • Construction of modern, efficient steam turbines
  • Design and construction of new heat exchangers – condensers, heaters, auxiliary equipment
  • Integrated design of electro-hydraulic turbine control systems that have no analogues
  • Thermo-mechanical and structural design and performance specification design on Instrumentation and Controls for turbine plants

Design engineering department of UTW

  • 110 people work in the design engineering department
  • 94 have a higher technical education in the area of turbine construction
  • 35 engineers are under 30 years old

Software in use

  • Compas v. 15
  • Creo Parametric 1.0; Windchill v.10
  • Home grown software developed according to their own techniques
  • START (pipe sizing)
  • MS Office