11 July 2014 year
UTW Displays New Turbine Models and Negotiates with Belarus at INNOPROM-2014

UTW and Rotec took an active part in INNOPROM-2014 International Industrial Exhibition. UTW made a public presentation 'Development of UTW’s steam turbine range within Russia's power strategy until 2030’. The companies held talks about prospects of power equipment supply with power system representatives from Russia and neighboring countries.

In the course of talks with the Republic of Belarus the companies discussed UTW’s offers to update and supply new power equipment for Grodno CHP-2 and Minsk CHP-3. (It is worth saying that UTW has had long-term business links with Belarus companies: it has supplied them with 19 steam turbines, among them three powerful turbines Т-250 were mounted at Minsk CHP-4. In 2009, Minsk CHP-3 commissioned Т-53/67-8,0 steam turbine built in PGU-230 combined-cycle gas turbine).

UTW showcased its innovations in a public presentation. According to Russia's power strategy until 2030, all equipment in the industry should comply with effectiveness, safety and controllability standards. It is these parameters which are put into Ural Turbine Works projects today.

Taras Shibaev, UTW’s speaker, displayed new cogeneration and condensing steam turbines with advanced cost/performance indicators. As an example he showed high capacity turbines Т-285/335-24,0 (developed for Mosenergo) and Т-125/150-12,8 (project to be launched in Kazakhstan). Both turbines boast increased capacity and efficiency ratio, as well as brand-new controls.

Moreover, new turbine models for combined cycle plants were discussed. Combined cycle is getting more and more common in Russia. It helps gain double efficiency ratio in comparison with traditional steam plants. The company presented its latest projects: a turbine for Krasnodar CHP which powers Sochi Olympics 2014 sports facilities, as well as commissioned turbines built in plants PGU-230 at Vladimir CHP-2 and Izhevsk CHP-1.

An interest was shown in UTW’s offers and designs for small power generation plants. Today energy bills are constantly rising, in some cases due to connection challenges many large industrial companies prefer constructing their own generation facilities. Taras Shibaev told about turbine models designed for these purposes recently.

A new, or to be more precise, well-forgotten focus area of UTW’s projects was discussed again at INNOPROM-2014: development of special turbines for industrial plants, transport units and nuclear power plants.

The ways of Russia's power strategy implementation, solutions of Ural Turbine Works were discussed at the UTW’s stand too. The first day of the exhibition for the companies saw consultations and negotiations with partners, current and potential customers, governmental officials. 

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