29 April 2013 year UTW has completed testing of a turbine manufactured for the Kirov CHP

Ural Turbine Works (UTW ZAO) has successfully completed testing of a T-120 steam turbine manufactured for the Kirov CHP-4 (operated by the TGC-5). The turbine will replace a T-50-130 steam turbine manufactured by UTW.

The contract for the cogeneration steam turbine supply was signed in March 2011. It involves not only the installation and commissioning of the equipment but also training of the CHP operations personnel by UTW technicians.

“T-120 Steam Turbine will be the most efficient turbine installed at our CHP,” comments Roman Musiyako, deputy manager of the Kirov CHP-4 Turbine Department. “Five out of six turbines operated by the CHP have been manufactured by Ural Turbine Works, which make them considerably easier to operate.”

UTW will replace about 50% of the equipment installed at the Kirov CHP-4, in addition to a 65MW turbine supplied to the same facility last year.

TGC-5 operates power generation facilities in Kirov Region, and Udmurt, Chuvash and Mariy El Republics. The rated capacity of TGC-5 is 2451MW of electric energy and 8935Gcal/h of heat energy. .

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