11 February 2014 year UTW Purchased a New Portal Milling Machine

Parts and components of the new portal milling machine made by Tos Kurim in the Czech Republic were successfully delivered to UTW. There was no way to transport them other than to use seventeen long vehicles!  This project is one of the largest UTW's investment projects in 2014.

The machine is designed for processing large body parts of steam turbines. It meets the highest technical standards and features a user-friendly interface. The machine is equipped with a video camera with display at operator position to monitor the machining process.

"The production efficiency of the machine is very high, - says Jaroslav Kolařík, Deputy Commercial Director Tos Kurim. - We will achieve a considerable reduction of standard hours of milling operations on one machine for major components such as turbine casing can be machined in shorter time. Thus the quality of machining will be improved.  It is also important to note that we bought a turnkey system complete with software and auxiliaries."

The foundation for the new machine is ready. The delivery was taken over by the authorized persons on the part of the supplier. The installation is scheduled for the next week and will take place in T1 premises. The work will be supervised by experts from the Czech Republic.
The installation will supposedly be pretty much labor-consuming at the first stage where the assembly table should be positioned by a team of mechanics. The second stage will include electrical work on the installation of the machine control system.

We remind that the contract for the supply of the machine was signed in late 2012. This new portal milling machine was purchased under UTW 3-year investment program. The total investment is about one billion roubles. The cost of the project is 224 million roubles.

TOS KUŘIM has a rock-solid reputation in Russia. Company supplied machines to many machine works in Russia including NPK UralVagonZavod, VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation, Tver Excavator (RM TEREX). Company's machines installed at UTW have proven themselves as a very reliable equipment.

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