13 August 2015 year UTW spent 23 mln. rubles for load-lifting equipment modernization since the beginning of the year

In 2015 Ural Turbine Works CJSC (ROTEC Holding Company) put into operation 
six new and modernized cranes. Total investments amounted to 23 mln. rubles. The last equipment item – electric overhead travelling crane with lifting capacity of 20 tons, which has recently been put into operation after in-depth modernization in machine assembly shop.

As a result of modernization, the crane was equipped with additional up-to-date features. For instance, a radio-control system was installed. Now it became possible to run the crane not only from the operator's cabin, but also staying directly near the cargo being handled. This allows increasing carrying through-put in cargo transporting and, which is most important, providing for enhanced safety during operation. Due to the system of weight measuring at the cargo being lifted, more accurate calculation of loads can be made which gives positive effect in terms of crane service life.

Apart from that, the machine was transferred to variable-frequency drive, which allows for significant cost cutting for maintenance and reduction of energy consumption by 10%. The crane features highly smooth movements during operation. Operator's cabin is equipped with climate control unit and ergonomic seat insuring more comfortable workplace for operators.

Modernization of load-lifting equipment involved all the workshops within the plant: earlier in this year two new overhead travelling cranes started operating in forging and heat-treating shop, and in steelworks shop –three overhead travelling cranes. 

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