24 April 2014 year The steam turbine of the Ural Turbine Works installed on the new power generation unit at Vladimir HPP-2 has generated the first megawatts of electric power

The steam turbine trial starts of the combined cycle gas turbine for 230 MW (CCGT unit -230) has been passed at the Vladimir HPP-2 (associate of CJSC "KES"). The single-cylinder turbine Т-63/76-8,8 manufactured by the ​​Ural Turbine Works is specially designed for the operation in combined cycle.

Vladimir HPP-2 delivers heat to residential areas and electricity to industrial enterprises of the city. The construction of a new CCGT unit is the first important project aimed at the HPP capacity increase. 230 MW capacity combined cycle gas turbine unit will be located at the first stage plant site, commissioned in 1962. The new combined cycle gas turbine unit will replace a worn turbine of 60 MW capacity.

In comparison with the previous generation, the UTW steam turbine with maximum capacity of 76 MW has high energy performance, cost effectiveness, reliability, as well as industrial and environmental safety. During the turbine design the maneuverability of the turbine was improved, and two extraction stages for heating were developed to cover the maximum heat load.

Start-up operations of the steam turbine were carried out for two days, during which the steam turbine plant was connected to a power supply for several hours. During this period the basic parameters of the turbine operation at the intermediate load of 24 MW were examined.

At the moment the steam turbine has been stopped before CCGT unit -230 commissioning. At the same time, preparations for the trial start-up of gas turbine are made at the construction site of Vladimir HPP-2.

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