2 June 2015 year UTW to Contest for Contract to Build Two Nuclear-Powered Icebreakers. RIA Novosti

Ural Turbine Works is an experienced supplier of similar equipment, said ROTEC CEO Mikhail Lifshitz.

Ural Turbine Works (part of the ROTEC holding Co.) will be contending for contracts to supply steam-turbine assemblies for new nuclear-powered icebreakers, the Sibir and the Ural, because the Company already supplied similar equipment for the Arktika – the first icebreaker in the class, ROTEC CEO Mikhail Lifshitz told RIA Novosti.

"We’ll do our best to win the contract. To achieve this, we have our plant and facilities fairly well prepared. Of course it’s up to the Client to decide, but whatever we had to do on the first project, we met every deadline and delivered as promised. So hopefully we are able to do the same for the two other ships”, Lifshitz said.

The nuclear-powered icebreaker Arktika LK-60 of 22220 design will be built to lead marine convoys in the arctic environments, breaking ice up to 3 m thick. The NS it is supposed to be used on the North Sea Route (connecting the Barents Sea and the Bering Sea). The Sibir and the Ural are icebreakers of the same 22220 design, scheduled for commissioning in December 2019 and December 2020, respectively.

RF Vice Prime Minister Dmitriy Rogozin earlier announced Russia’s plans to develop the North Sea Route, and the Russian government intends to upgrade and replace the national icebreaker fleet to fit the purpose.

Right now, the Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg is building the Arktika – the first nuclear-powered icebreaker of 22220 design – under a contract signed with Rosatom State Corp. Ural Turbine Works has already shipped its steam turbine assemblies to Kirov-Energomash manufacturing plant (subsidiary of the St. Petersburg Kirov Plant contracted to manufacture the steam turbine units for the Arktika.

Ural Turbine Works (located in Yekaterinburg) is one of the leading machine building companies engaged in design and manufacturing of power equipment. At present, the Company’s business is focused on steam turbines manufacturing, maintenance and upgrade of steam and gas turbines. UTW is a part of CJSC ROTEC, which in its turn belongs to Renova Group.

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