29 August 2018 year UTW turbines and PRANA prognostics system will ensure reliable operation of new digital power units of Kazan TPP-1

Two 230 MW combined-cycle power plants were commissioned at Kazan TPP-1 (Tatenergo, JSC). These are the Russia’s first power units initially connected to a Russian equipment-status prognostics system.

Two Kt-46-8,8 steam turbines were manufactured by the Ural Turbine Works for new Kazan TPP-1 units. The turbines are of single-cylinder design, which are based on technical solutions that proved their efficiency in the Т-63 turbine. As part of the new power units, the UTW turbines operate together with PG 6111 FA gas turbines manufactured by General Electric as well as with EMAlliance heat-recovery boilers. The generators for the UTW units were manufactured by Scientific Production Association ELSIB.

Since the commissioning, all the equipment of the new combined-cycle power plants has been connected to the PRANA prognostics system of ROTEC that provides reliable accident protection. The system will detect alarming trends and malfunctions in operation of equipment 2-3 months before they appear and lead to an incident. Based on past application of the system, this reduces by half the losses from accidents and penalties for non-delivery of capacity as well as from expenses for emergency purchase of spare parts and repairs. Due to the PRANA system, the equipment technical status becomes an objectively measurable parameter, allows it to monitor the personnel’s and contractors’ activities, improves efficiency and operating culture of plant assets.

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