Honeycomb Materials

What Modern Jet Aircraft, Energy Turbines and Gas Pumping Stations Have in Common?

Honeycomb seals are used everywhere. Today, it is impossible to imagine any modern gas turbine engine or power turbine without these elements. Honeycomb seals are key components of 21st-century machinery. They are based on the honeycomb structure, which allows the working fluid overflow in the radial clearances to be minimized, the relative efficiency to be increased, fuel consumption to be reduced by 5% and abrasive wear of the turbine flow section to be reduced as well.

Welded honeycomb seals are an integral design element of existing aircraft engines and those under development (turbofan, turboshaft engines and auxiliary power units), gas and steam turbines used in the power and oil/gas industries, as well as turbo-compressors. Until recently, only imported high-quality honeycomb seals were available in Russia.

Production Technology

The production process includes the following stages:

  • Vacuum heat treatment of raw materials in order to normalize their properties;
  • Cutting raw materials;
  • Material cellular pattern formation;
  • Single- or duplex-spot welding of honeycomb tape;
  • Application of paste or powder solder;
  • Vacuum soldering of honeycomb shrouds;
  • Mechanical or electro-spark processing of the final product.

The automated system for cell geometry and weld spot optical monitoring, integrated into production lines, ensures the highest quality of manufactured products.


  • Wide range of honeycomb material cell sizes for all existing and future aircraft engines, steam and gas turbines.
  • Main production processes are carried out on the equipment of our own design. Modern technological and laboratory equipment allows us to achieve high-quality products and precise dimensional accuracy. ROTEС production is also equipped with a field tests stand.
  • Stability of forms and geometric dimensions is ensured by the production technology, and does not depend on human factors: the range of cell sizes is 0.9–4.5 mm, while the wall thickness varies from 0.05 to 0.2 mm.
  • ROTEC manufactures honeycomb tape with pre-installed solder or already assembled and mounted on a plate, greatly facilitating and reducing the time for assembly.
  • The use of welded honeycomb seals increases the technological performance of turbines and reduces their production costs.

Honeycomb Tape and Shrouds

Products are made of nickel-based alloys:
  • EI435 (ХN78Т)
  • XN60BT (EI868)
  • Hastelloy X
  • Haynes 214
Or iron-based alloys:
  • 12Х18Н10Т
  • Steel 321
Cell sizes of honeycomb tape (in mm)
  • 0,9
  • 1,5
  • 2,5
  • 3,2
  • 4,8
  • 5,6
  • 6,4
Fig.1 Simple honeycomb
FIg.2 Chamfered honeycomb
Fig.3 Honeycomb with combined chamfer
Fig.4 Profiled honeycomb
Fig.5 Step honeycomb
Fig.6 Simple honeycomb ring
Fig.7 Chamfered honeycomb ring
Fig.8 Profiled honeycomb ring
Fig.9 Step honeycomb ring
Fig.10 Ring with combined chamfer
Fig.11 Complex shape ring segments

Structural honeycomb materials

Made of alloys based on titanium, aluminium, copper, etc.:

  • VT18
  • VT6
  • ОТ4
  • AL2
  • AMg6

Cell sizes of structural honeycomb materials (in mm)

  • 2,5
  • 3,2
  • 4,8
  • 5,6
  • 6,4
  • 8,2
  • 10
  • 14
  • 16

Application Areas

ROTEC JSC produces honeycomb seals for the following machines:

  • Aviation turbofan engines: PS-90A; D18T; PD-14, D-36, SaM146.
  • Aircraft turboshaft engines: TV2-117; TV3-117; TV7-117; VK-2500.
  • Auxiliary power units: AI-9; VSU-10; TA-12; TA18-200.
  • Gas turbine engines and installations: GTD-20; GTE-16PA; Siemens SGT-800; SGT-700; SGT-600; GE-6B; GE-6F; GE-9E; ALSTOM GT24.
  • Steam turbines: R-100; T-120/130; T-250/305; T-285/335; T-295/335; T-50/60; T-60-65; PT-150/165; PT-90/120; PT-50-60; K-63-8.8; K-300-240; K-500-240; K-660-247; K-800-240; K-1200-6.8/50.
  • Mechanical drives of gas pumping units: NK-14ST; NK-36ST; GTK-10I; GTE-6, GTE-16.

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