26.10.2020 Russia Set To Heat Up Mongolia

23.10.2020 Mikhail Lifshitz spoke at VIII Composites Without Borders Forum

19.10.2020 COVID-19 and Global Lockdown No Obstacle to Russian Machine-Builders in Mongolia

18.09.2020 Russian honeycomb seals have become widespread at most GPUs, compressors and the generation facilities of FEC companies

16.09.2020 En+ Group chooses ROTEC to modernize CHP-6 in Bratsk

10.09.2020 Prime Minister of Mongolia visits the country's, where modernization is underway with Russia’s participation

01.09.2020 Prospects for the application of supercapacitor-based solutions in railway transport

24.07.2020 The first official distributor of ROTEC honeycomb seals starts operations in the Indonesian market

09.07.2020 ROTEC introduces advanced honeycomb seals for steam turbines

06.07.2020 Hat-trick for the Ural Turbine Works: three steam turbines simultaneously delivered to customers

26.06.2020 ROTEC Obtains a License from Russia’s Ministry of Industry and Trade to Develop, Manufacture, Test, and Repair Aviation Equipment

11.06.2020 Turbo-speed “cellular” communication between Russia and the USA

01.06.2020 Downstream Digitalisation

20.04.2020 Cold wind to warm the cities

15.04.2020 What are the prospects for batteries and hydrogen at a time of ‘cheap’ oil? (opinion of a selector)

09.04.2020 The New Frontiers of Remote Access. How PRANA Works in the Face of Self-Isolation

08.04.2020 Digital broth for future steam turbines

27.03.2020 More than 1000 diesel locomotives belonging to Russian Railways are now energy-efficient thanks to solutions based on TEEMP supercapacitors

23.03.2020 Distance Working: How Companies are Transferring their Employees to Quarantine because of Coronavirus

19.03.2020 The Ural Turbine Works to upgrade power units at the Krasnodarskaya CHPP

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