13.10.2014 The Memorandum of Cooperation with Belenergo is signed

On October 13, 2014, in Minsk, the Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the State electric power production association Belenergo (Republic of Belarus) and CJSC Ural Turbine Works (Russian Federation) within the framework of formal visit of the Sverdlovsk Region delegation to the Republic of Belarus. SPA Belenergo General Director Yevgeny Voronov and CJSC Ural Turbine Works Chairman of the Board Mikhail Lifshits signed the document.

The document provides for cooperation between the two companies to ensure the effective performance, upgrade and development of power generating facilities in Belarus, as well as for the provision of engineering support for the operation, repair and maintenance of power generating equipment at power stations.

Yevgeny Voronov: “The Belarusian power engineers have solid experience in operating products manufactured by the Ural Turbine Works, which are installed at Minsk CHPP-3 and CHPP-4, Novopolotsk CHPP, Mogilyov CHPP-2 and Mozyr CHPP. During this time the turbines have shown good results. The new stage in our cooperation may significantly enhance reliability and efficiency of our power system.”

Mikhail Lifshitz: "In recent years, there was no proper interaction between the Ural and the Belarusian Power engineers. This period is over, we return to Belarus to work hard and tight. On two projects - the reconstruction of Minsk CHPP-3 and the modernization of the turbine Grodno CHPP-2 - the plant is already preparing its proposals for the competition. Simultaneously we analyze the perspective of spare parts supply and service market. "

Joining of efforts can be particularly useful during the modernization project implementation for the existing turbine fleet with its long operation period, as a result of which power engineers will receive virtually new turbines with state-of-the-art performance characteristics. Ural Turbine Works, as one of the leading manufacturers of cogeneration steam turbines in the post-Soviet territory, has traditionally supplied steam turbines for the Belarusian power system. Today Ural machine builders can provide expert assistance to their Belarussian colleagues in extending the life span of the existing turbine fleet.

The experience of the Ural turbine manufacturers can be useful when implementing projects to build new power units. In recent years, the Works has extended its range of products and brought to the market new cogeneration and condensing steam turbine models with improved operating parameters, including turbines for combined cycle power plants.

CJSC Ural Turbine Works (www.utz.ru) is one of the leading Russian designer, manufacturer and supplier of power generating equipment. Established in 1938, the company now specializes in the manufacture of steam turbines and the servicing and retrofitting of steam and gas turbines. The company is part of the ROTEC holding.

The State electric power production association Belenergo (www.belenergo.by) manages the economic activity of the Belarusian power system. SPA Belenergo comprises 30 business units, including six regional utility companies, construction and installation companies, infrastructure production companies, repair and commissioning companies and research and development institutes. Belenergo facilities have an installed power-generating capacity of 9,381.3 MW. 

08.09.2014 Negotiations between TEEMP chief executives and representatives of the Chinese company Great Wall were held on MIMS-2014 site

 The main automotive event of the year in the "Crocus Expo" - the Moscow International Motor Show (MIMS 2014 August 27 - September 7) was concluded.
The engineering company TEEMP part of the ROTEC holding has presented its experimental developments such as energy-power units for the participants of Motor Show: samples of gearless electric drives (motor-wheels), electric energy storage units on the basis of impulse and energy type supercapacitors, as well as the activated carbons production technology. The products that improve the transport environmental friendliness was presented by the company within the framework of the extended exhibition "Environmentally friendly transport "Green Car", organized for exhibitors by NAMI - Central Automobile and Automobile Engine Scientific Research Institute.

During the Motor Show operation the General Director of TEEMP Anatoly Dolgolaptev held talks with the General Project Manager of Great Wall (China) in Russia, Mr. Zhuang Yunkxiu. The possibility of cooperation in the field of the electric energy storage unit development for hybrid vehicles was under discussion. In April this year Great Wall launched its first hybrid car - Haval Coupe concept at Beijing Auto Show. Negotiations will be continued at the Technical Managers level in the near future. 

01.09.2014 The new power unit construction is under way at the largest power station in Mongolia

The Ural Turbine Works (ROTEC holding) will complete the construction of the new power unit at the largest in Mongolia Ulaanbaatar CHPP-4 (output 660 MW) at the end of 2014. The capacity of the whole Mongolian power system due to the project implementation will be increased by 13 percent.

The new steam turbine manufactured by the Ural Turbine Works will increase the electrical capacity of CHPP-4 from 660 to 790 MW, the thermal output and supply reliability for consumers with thermal energy (hot water) will also be increased.

Mikhail Lifshitz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ural Turbine Works CJSC, General Director of ROTEC CJSC: "It is the largest Export Contract in the post-Soviet period of Russian contractors for CHPP power unit turnkey construction. The project capital investment will be about 2 billion rubles".

By now the considerable amount of work has already been completed, the installation of the main and auxiliary equipment is under way. According to the schedule in September the steam turbine cylinders will be closed on the main building site of Ulaanbaatar CHPP-4, the installation of low and high pressure piping was made, the installation of electrical equipment and automatic process control system will begin. Besides, the commissioning works on auxiliary thermal and mechanical equipment will be executed.

In different years more than 80 steam and 5 gas turbines of various modifications manufactured by the Ural Turbine Works were supplied to the countries in North-East Asia.

27.08.2014 ROTEC holding Company introduces to automakers components for environmentally-friendly electric vehicles

TEEMP Company (part of the ROTEC holding and resident of the Skolkovo center) will introduce their developments at the main automotive event of the year - the Moscow International Motor Show, which will take place in Moscow on August 27 – September 7, 2014 in the "Crocus Expo" pavilions.

One of the main trends of the modern automobile construction is the hybrid cars that use more than one source of energy for the wheels drive. Such trend is inspired by the desire to reduce the consumption of traditional fuels and reduce the atmospheric emissions of its combustion products. Consequently, the vehicles efficiency and environmental friendliness are increased.

The gearless electric drives developed by TEEMP specialists or so-called motor-wheels, and recuperators based on supercapacitors enable to reduce in half the fuel consumption without sacrificing the important performance characteristics: capacity, maximum speed, mileage without recharging.

TEEMP specialists conduct researches in this field for many years. By now the pilot production of two basic energy components is organized: motor-wheels, where engine is installed inside the wheel, and supercapacitors that replace the vehicle battery and act as impulse during "start-stop" modes.

Mikhail Lifshits, Director, High-Tech Assets Business Development. Renova Group, General Director of ROTEC CJSC: "Our engineers have developed the world’s best filter-press assembly technology of energy storage units at the pilot sites in Korolev and in Moscow, at Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys. The basic characteristics of the manufactured energy storage units exceed manifold of the world analogues. Currently, experimental samples are sent to the potential customers. We expect to get feedback within the next year in order to prepare for the pilot and then mass production".
TEEMP experimental development will be presented within the framework of the extended exhibition "Environmentally friendly transport "Green Car", organized for exhibitors by NAMI - Central Automobile and Automobile Engine Scientific Research Institute.

18.08.2014 The scope of packaged deliveries by CJSC “ROTEC” in 2014 – over 5 bln rubles

For realization of the projects on modernization of generating capacities and implementation of programs on repairing of the equipment at Russian and some foreign power plants ROTEC holding company (CJSC "ROTEC" and Ural Turbine Works) supplies the main and auxiliary power equipment, associated parts and components in the amount of $ 5.2 bln rubles during the current year.

In August ROTEC will finish shipment of the equipment manufactured for steam turbine reconstruction at Omsk CHPP-5 (TGC-11).

The reconstruction project for the steam turbine PT-80/100-130/13, which involves increasing of its installed capacity by 18 MW, is implemented by "QUARTZ Group", LLC. ROTEC performs equipment supplies for the turbines under reconstruction, as well as provides author's supervision for the units assembling procedures and commissioning operations. Upgraded turbine must be put into operation in November 2014.

Omsk CHPP-5 is being operated since 1980, and now it is the most powerful power station within the local grid of the region (695 MW), which generates heating for Central, Octyabrskiy, partly Leninskiy and Kirovskiy administrative districts of Omsk.

06.08.2014 The new Vladimir TPP-2 power generating unit has generated its first kilowatt-hours of electric power

Commissioned in late July (July 24), a new Vladimir TPP-2 230MW combined-cycle plant has already generated about 150 million kWh of electric power.

The Vladimir TPP-2 reconstruction investment project was implemented under a large-scale Integrated Power Systems CJSC investment program providing for putting over 3.2GW of new capacity in operation till 2017. The steam turbine plant was supplied for the new power generating unit, and engineering support services were provided for the Vladimir project by ROTEC holding.

Environmental friendliness and energy efficiency are an important characteristic of the new power facility.

Mikhail Lifshits, Director General, ROTEC CJSC: "The design specific fuel consumption for power generation are 18% at the new Vladimir TPP-2 power generating unit, and that for heat generation are 9% lower as compared to the average specific indicators of the TGC-6 circuit plants. Thus, a substantial increase in generation capacity efficiency can be ascertained. These characteristics are provided by modern equipment and technologies. In particular, the steam turbine plants manufactured by our Ural Turbine Works for TPP reconstruction projects in Vladimir, Kirov, and other cities are a specifically designed turbine model for the combined cycle."

ROTEC currently continues providing an engineering support to five major investment projects totaling 1,470MW. The Ural Turbine Works equipment similar to that installed at the Vladimir TPP-2 will be also installed at the Akademicheskaya TPP in Yekaterinburg, Novoberezniki TPP and Nizhniaya Tura TPP.

04.08.2014 ROTEC specialists have repaired the Kaliningrad TPP-2 turbines

01.08.2014 After the reconstruction of power Kirov CHPP-3 increased more than 2 times

A new Kirov TPP-3 power generating unit was put in operation on July 31. An investment project worth 10.3 billion rubles was implemented by Integrated Power Systems under a large-scale program of putting into operation new capacities. The start-up ceremony was attended by Acting Governor of the Kirov Region Nikita Belykh and IPS CEO Boris Vainzikher.

The steam turbine for the new combined-cycle plant (CCP) and the CCP control and protection package were supplied by the Ural Turbine Works (ROTEC holding). ROTEC specialists have also provided a technical support to this investment project and controlled work completion dates, quality and safety.

Mikhail Lifshits, Director General, ROTEС CJSC: "The introduction of modern highly efficient cogeneration facilities is one of the tasks provided for in the Energy Strategy of Russia. Such combined-cycle plants, one of which was put in operation at the Kirov CHPP are characterized by high efficiency over 50% and low level of toxic emissions as compared to the conventional coal-fueled steam turbine plants operated at the majority of Russian TPPs. This is already a third major investment project implemented with the participation of ROTEС in 2014. Similar power generating units were put in operation at Izhevsk TPP-1 and Vladimir TPP-2."

Kirov TPP-3 supplied heat for Kirovo-Chepetsk industry and residential sector and electric power for Kirov Region consumers. The installed Kirov TPP-3 capacity was 160MW and thermal capacity 813GCal/h before the new power generating unit was put in operation. The reconstruction increased the electrical capacity by 230MW and thermal capacity by 136GCal/h. The new Kirov TPP-3 combined-cycle plant is the most economical and environmentally friendly generating equipment in the Kirov Region today.

17.07.2014 Installation of a turbine to be upgraded by the Ural Turbine Works started at the Pavlodar TPP-3, Kazakhstan

UTW CJSC is upgrading the T-100/120-130-2 turbine located at power generating unit #5 of the Pavlodar TPP-3, Kazakhstan. The equipment has been shipped, and works began at the plant. The installation is supervised by Ural Turbine Works specialists. The turbine will be put in operation in October 2014.

Two similar turbines will be upgraded at power generating units #4 and #6 under the Pavlodar TPP-3 investment program in 2015 and 2016, respectively. Orders related to the first turbine have already been placed in production.

The turbines will be subjected to thorough upgrading involving the replacement of high-pressure cylinders. Overaged turbine components and parts operated at high temperature will be replaced. Not only turbine life (220,000 hours or about 30 years) will be restored, but its capacity will also be increased as a result of upgrading. Each upgraded turbine will generate 20MW more, which is important for ensuring a reliable plant operation in a broad range of loads with increased environmental and economic indicators.

Pavlodar TPP-3 is a Pavlodarenergo JSC enterprise, which, in turn, is a part of Central-Asian Electric Power Corporation JSC (CAEPC JSC). Pavlodar TPP-3 is one of the largest thermal power plants in Kazakhstan, it supplies electric power and heat to the Northern District of Pavlodar, a regional center where large metallurgical works and oil refineries are located.

11.07.2014 UTW Displays New Turbine Models and Negotiates with Belarus at INNOPROM-2014

09.07.2014 ROTEC and Ural Works of Civil Aviation Signed Contract for Coating Application and Custom Production Startup in Yekaterinburg

09.07.2014 A Renova company will invest $70 million in a center producing coatings for industry. Vedomosti

ROTEC CJSC (part of Renova SC) plans to invest over $70 million in creating a cross-sectoral competence center specialised in thin films, functional coatings, and surface modification, as the company press release says. The project is supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and is funded by a Vnesheconombank credit.

The center is assumed to satisfy the needs of the Ural region by creating a branch in the territory of Ural Turbine Works (also a part of the Renova SC) employing about 30 persons, and investments in the establishment of the branch will exceed $20 million.

ROTEC signed an agreement with Urals Civil Aviation Works OJSC (UZGA, a part of Rostekh) for the coating application and organization of a specialized production facility in Ekaterinburg at the Innoprom-2014 international exhibition on Wednesday.

UZGA is expected to become one of the largest coating center customers. The parties also plan to jointly develop a new generation of coatings for a variety of applications.

UZGA repairs over 1,000 of aircraft engines and gearboxes a year. The total company requirement for application of various coatings is about $15 million per year.

ROTEC CJSC is a multi-profile industry holding. It services gas and steam turbines and manufacture and supply of power equipment.

UZGA is one of the largest aircraft repair enterprises in Russia. Its main activities are repairing aircraft gas turbine engines and their components, main gear boxes, and gas aviation drive motors.

24.04.2014 UTW steam turbine installed on Vladimir HPP-2 has generated the first megawatts of electric power

 The steam turbine trial starts of the combined cycle gas turbine for 230 MW (CCGT unit -230) has been passed at the Vladimir HPP-2 (associate of CJSC "KES"). The single-cylinder turbine Т-63/76-8,8 manufactured by the ​​Ural Turbine Works is specially designed for the operation in combined cycle.

Vladimir HPP-2 delivers heat to residential areas and electricity to industrial enterprises of the city. The construction of a new CCGT unit is the first important project aimed at the HPP capacity increase. 230 MW capacity combined cycle gas turbine unit will be located at the first stage plant site, commissioned in 1962. The new combined cycle gas turbine unit will replace a worn turbine of 60 MW capacity.

In comparison with the previous generation, the UTW steam turbine with maximum capacity of 76 MW has high energy performance, cost effectiveness, reliability, as well as industrial and environmental safety. During the turbine design the maneuverability of the turbine was improved, and two extraction stages for heating were developed to cover the maximum heat load.

Start-up operations of the steam turbine were carried out for two days, during which the steam turbine plant was connected to a power supply for several hours. During this period the basic parameters of the turbine operation at the intermediate load of 24 MW were examined.

At the moment the steam turbine has been stopped before CCGT unit -230 commissioning. At the same time, preparations for the trial start-up of gas turbine are made at the construction site of Vladimir HPP-2.

23.04.2014 Power generating unit 8 equipped with a UTW steam turbine is put in operation at Barnaul TPP-2. Neftegaz.ru

This is the first investment project of this scale in the Altai power industry in the recent decades.

Ural Turbine Works supply T-65-130-2M turbines (maximum capacity: 65MW) for the two Barnaul TPP-2 power generating units (Siberian Generating Company LLC). The commissioned power generating unit is the first stage of plant modernization. The second steam turbine will be put in operation at power generating unit 9 in January 2015. The start-up of two turbines will increase plant capacity by 30%.

The new equipment will increase plant reliability, increase the power reserve of the entire regional power system, and reduce fuel consumption per unit of supplied energy. The environmental situation in Barnaul will be improved due to a significant reduction of harmful emissions. For example, sulfur and nitrogen oxide emissions will be made more than two times less, and ash emissions eight times less.

In addition, the commissioning of power generating 8 alone has created 400 jobs. Contractors were involved in project implementation and a series of new service businesses were established.

T-60/65-130-2M steam turbines are installed instead of overaged T-55-130 turbines manufactured by Ural Turbine Works, too. These machines have proven themselves to be reliable over many years of operation at TPPs in Russia and CIS countries.

The new two-cylinder T-65-130-2M turbines use modern components and modified elements increasing the technical and economic performance and turbine plant throughput. The electrical load of the new turbine generator will be 65MW (the installed capacity of the old decommissioned equipment was 55MW). This will enable additionally generating about 320 million KWh of electric power per year for the needs of the Altai Territory.

The old foundations and existing infrastructure were extensively used during installation of the new equipment to reduce the work completion time and cost. The seismic characteristics of the region were taken into account, and the equipment will operate without failures in case of earthquakes.

T-65-130-2M turbines are a popular UTW model. The turbines of this model were installed at Novo-Ryazanskaya and Pavlodar TTPs, Kazakhstan, in the recent years.

22.04.2014 The power generation plant No. 8 equipped with a steam turbine manufactured by UTW has been put into operation at Barnaul HPP-2

03.04.2014 ROTEC has manufactured and supplied a column for Khabarovsk Refinery ahead of schedule

17.03.2014 The First Turbine of UTW CJSC Has Received Customs Union Certificate

07.03.2014 ROTEC and UTW have presented their state-of-the-art solutions for supply and maintenance of steam and gas turbines

03.03.2014 ROTEC and UTW will participate in “Russia Power 2014”

ROTEC and the Ural Turbine Works (UTW) will participate in the international exhibition-conference “Russia Power 2014” organized from 4 to 6 March, 2014, at Expocentre on
Krasnaya Presnya, Moscow.

The companies will exhibit a number of offers and up-to-date solutions for shipment and servicing of steam and gas turbines, including auxiliary equipment, long-term service and remote monitoring. The company experts will consult visitors about their
products and solutions, if necessary.

Traditionally, Rotec and UTW appreciate the importance of their participation in the exhibition, as it provides an opportunity to meet designers, customers, contractors and professionals of the Russian power market. 

21.02.2014 Tests of a new power generating unit comprising T-65 turbine manufactured by UTW have been completed at Barnaul HPP-2

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