23.12.2019 From idea to synchronization

23.12.2019 Power generation in Russia: IoT predictive analytics saves lives not just profits

In western Europe you may think of security of power supply in terms of keeping the regulator happy and avoiding fines. In the extreme cold of Russia and Kazakhstan says Jeremy Cowan, the focus is on saving lives by avoiding unexpected shutdowns in power generation.

17.12.2019 Ural turbine successfully passes comprehensive testing at Ulan Bator CHP-4

Comprehensive 72-hour tests of the upgraded 100 MW turbine have been successfully completed at Ulan Bator CHP-4 (Mongolia). The turbine unit relayed the declared parameters to the network. The turnkey work was carried out jointly with ROTEC JSC in record time, i.e. within 11 months and 8 days from the advance date. The PT-100 turbine is the second of four units modernized by Ural Turbine Works JSC at Ulan Bator CHP-4.

13.12.2019 The Silk Road leads to the Sun. Construction of the Maloderbetovskaya and Yashkulskaya solar substations in Kalmykia has been completed

10.12.2019 Who will build the energy industry of the future

The future of the energy industry

06.12.2019 Russia’s PRANA Predictive Analytics System is coming to Kazakhstan

05.12.2019 ROTEC to expand its partnership with Mongolia

03.12.2019 ROTEC shares its experience with digitalizing facilities in the power industry at the Second International Energy Saving Forum in Astana

03.12.2019 Iskander Azizov: Russia is ready to ensure the development of energetics in Mongolia

28.11.2019 Comparative analysis of honeycomb seal manufacturing technologies

26.11.2019 TEEMP Solutions Presented at the Conference “Innovative Approaches for the Integrated Development of Airfields and Airports of the Arctic Zone and the Northern Regions of Russia”

TEEMP presented a number of specialized solutions that increase the self-containment and reliability of machines and equipment operating in extremely-low temperatures at the workshop conference “Innovative Approaches for the Integrated Development of Airfields and Airports of the Arctic Zone and the Northern Regions of Russia,” which was held at the Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University (MADI) on November 21.

21.11.2019 ROTEC has expanded its production and range of domestic honeycomb seals for turbines and engines

20.11.2019 Budget sealant. “Honeycomb seals” are transforming scheduled turbine repairs into an element of modernization

14.11.2019 Digitalization of the power-grid complex: solutions or a predictive analytics and monitoring system

Monitoring-and-diagnostics data (M&D) form the basis for determining the technical condition of equipment and developing repair schedules.

13.11.2019 Predict and Prevent instead of “Forgive and Forget”

How Russian IT solution made power plants failure-free

08.11.2019 Rosseti Introduces Predictive Analytics to the Power Grid Complex Operation
Public Joint-Stock Company Interregional Distribution Grid Company of Center and Volga Region (a subsidiary of PJSC Rosseti) and ROTEC JSC have signed an agreement on introducing the PRANA Predictive Analytics and Remote Monitoring System to increase the safety and reliability of power-grid equipment.

01.11.2019 PRANA System at the IOT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona (Spain): the Advantages of Predictive Analytics for Business
During the IOT Solutions World Congress, held in Barcelona (Spain) October 29–31, Maxim Lipatov, Technical Director of PRANA System, reported on the results of predictive analytics in planning the servicing of generating equipment, as well as on the technological features of digitalizing critical infrastructure facilities.

25.10.2019 The PRANA System Experience at Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC (ITAP-2019) – the Leading Technology Exhibition of the Asia-Pacific Region
ROTEC presented PRANA – a Predictive Analytics and Remote Monitoring System for industrial equipment at the largest technology exhibition of the Asia-Pacific Region called Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC (ITAP-2019), held in Singapore October 22–24.

22.10.2019 Joint projects involving Belarusian companies and their counterparts in Sverdlovsk Region were discussed in Minsk

15.10.2019 ROTEC to supply gas turbine components to Indonesia for the first time

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