14.10.2019 ROTEC honeycomb seals enter the Indonesian market. Contract signed for the supply of components for the Rolls-Royce RT61 gas turbine.
ROTEC has signed the first export contract for the supply of welded honeycomb seals for the Indonesian company PT NGLTech Services Indonesia, which specializes in the maintenance of equipment for the oil & gas industry and related efficiency-boosting solutions.

11.10.2019 Mikhail Lifshitz: Shareholders need innovations

10.10.2019 Even a housewife can be an energy engineer. The image of the industry is inevitably changing

07.10.2019 Speech of Sergey Ageev, General Director of TEEMP. Production, at the “Using Energy Storage and Distributed Generation at Russian Railways OJSC: Problems and Opportunities” session of the REW-2019

07.10.2019 Speech by Mikhail Lifshitz at the “Power Engineering: Prospects for the Development of High-Capacity Gas Turbines in the Russian Federation” roundtable at the REW-2019 International Forum

07.10.2019 Mikhail Lifshitz: Alternative energy will make its own way to where it is needed

01.10.2019 ROTEC’s Football team took part in the XIII Mechanical Engineering Cup

27.09.2019 The results of the PRANA System work are presented at the LXVI scientific and technical conference of the Russian Academy of Sciences on problems of gas turbines

27.09.2019 Quotations from the speech by Mikhail Lifshitz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ROTEC JSC, at the “Energetics: New Rules, New Opportunities” conference organized by Kommersant newspaper

02.09.2019 The Deputy Prime Ministers of Russia and Mongolia Have Launched a New UTW Turbine at Ulaanbaatar’s CHPP-4

30.08.2019 Sergey Ageev “TEEMP is geared towards movement”

14.08.2019 60-MW Turbine Unit

09.08.2019 There Is No Stagnation in Our Operation Areas. VEDOMOSTI

02.08.2019 ROTEC has negotiated with an official delegation from Indonesia

31.07.2019 The first scheduled inspection of Alstom 13E2 gas turbines in Russia is successfully carried out by Sulzer Turbo Services Russia

26.07.2019 ROTEC has introduced new CHPP capacities for the industrial site of Solikamskbumprom

16.07.2019 Sulzer Turbo Services Rus has successfully serviced the gas turbines of new client – Khuadyan-Teninskaya CHPP

12.07.2019 ROTEC Commissions a New Substation at the Arshanovsky Open-Pit Coal Mine in the Republic of Khakassia

01.07.2019 And now – the revolution. Digitalization of industry

01.07.2019 PRANA Predictive Analytics System will be able to calculate Technical and Economic Indicators for Industrial Facilities

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