04.09.2017 ROTEK to Build a Transformer Substation at Kekura Gold Mine

23.08.2017 Mosenergo CHPP-27 Deploys PRANA Prognostics System

21.07.2017 The world's first aircraft with a super-capacitor based start up system has been presented at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2017

14.07.2017 "ROTEC" at the international exhibition "Innoprom-2017"

10.07.2017 Ural Turbine Works commissions a steam turbine for Kaliningrad Generation

10.07.2017 Mikhail Lifshitz showed Vladimir Putin the new power industry technologies that have been developed for the country

16.06.2017 PRANA project was presented to participants of the Russian Oil and Gas IT summit "Digital Oil Field"

05.06.2017 ROTEC's Business Development Director Sergey Kurilov spoke to IoT Tech Expo participants of the PRANA prognostics system

01.06.2017 PRANA prognostics system will ensure the reliability of power-generating units at Kazan CHPP-1

23.05.2017 TEEMP, the designer and producer of energy storage systems, has started production of supercapacitors

19.04.2017 Mikhail Lifshitz took part in the Innovation Summit 2017

03.04.2017 PRANA Forecasting System is registered in the National Software Register

03.04.2017 ROTEC and Sulzer Turbo Services Rus have successfully performed technical maintenance on 4 gas turbines of T Plus PJSC

29.03.2017 Representatives of OGK-2 checked out the forecasting technologies of ROTEC

24.03.2017 TEEMP demonstrates a new supercapacitor module

23.03.2017 The National University of Science and Technology MISiS is developing electrolyte production technology for TEEMP supercapacitors

10.02.2017 Ural Turbine Works Releases First Next Gen World Largest Steam Turbine for Mosenergo PJSC

06.02.2017 Interview with Mikhail Lifshitz: Predict to Prevent - Power and Industry of Russia

30.01.2017 ROTEC implements two EPC projects for industrial generation

18.01.2017 “Intelligent Manufacturing” magazine interview with Mr. Mikhail Lifshitz

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