24.07.2020 The first official distributor of ROTEC honeycomb seals starts operations in the Indonesian market

09.07.2020 ROTEC introduces advanced honeycomb seals for steam turbines

06.07.2020 Hat-trick for the Ural Turbine Works: three steam turbines simultaneously delivered to customers

26.06.2020 ROTEC Obtains a License from Russia’s Ministry of Industry and Trade to Develop, Manufacture, Test, and Repair Aviation Equipment

11.06.2020 Turbo-speed “cellular” communication between Russia and the USA

01.06.2020 Downstream Digitalisation

20.04.2020 Cold wind to warm the cities

15.04.2020 What are the prospects for batteries and hydrogen at a time of ‘cheap’ oil? (opinion of a selector)

09.04.2020 The New Frontiers of Remote Access. How PRANA Works in the Face of Self-Isolation

08.04.2020 Digital broth for future steam turbines

27.03.2020 More than 1000 diesel locomotives belonging to Russian Railways are now energy-efficient thanks to solutions based on TEEMP supercapacitors

23.03.2020 Distance Working: How Companies are Transferring their Employees to Quarantine because of Coronavirus

19.03.2020 The Ural Turbine Works to upgrade power units at the Krasnodarskaya CHPP

16.03.2020 The crisis we are ready for

20.02.2020 ROTEC takes part in the charity event “Avtobus Dobra” (“Bus of Kindness”)

17.02.2020 Sulzer Turbo Services Rus has performed a minor inspection of a gas turbine at Permskaya CHPP-9 of T Plus PJSC

12.02.2020 Mikhail Lifshitz: Everything that we produce today is innovation

11.02.2020 Hybrid bus sets cost-effectiveness records on Minsk city routes

06.02.2020 The Ural Turbine Works to Supply T Plus with Three Turbines within the DPM-2 Framework

03.02.2020 Common sense is struggled systematically

24.01.2020 Imported honeycomb seals to be replaced by their Russian counterparts in PD-14 aircraft engines

21.01.2020 Rotec and Siemens to develop unified data environment for joint energy sector projects

20.01.2020 ROTEC and Siemens to Develop Joint Projects

10.01.2020 ITAP-2019: The main features of IIoT-solution PRANA

24.12.2019 To improve the reliability of Yakutskaya SDPP-2 PRANA predictive-analytics system is being integrated at the plant

RusHydro PJSC and ROTEC JSC signed a contract to introduce the PRANA predictive-analytics and remote-monitoring system at Yakutskaya SDPP-2. PRANA is to monitor and predict the technical condition of 4 General Electric LM 6000 PF DF gas turbine units, 4 Brush turbo-generators, 4 КУВ-38.1-185 heat-recovery boilers, 2 Atlas Copco TP10T22D1 gas-booster compressors and 4 unit transformers.

23.12.2019 From idea to synchronization

23.12.2019 Power generation in Russia: IoT predictive analytics saves lives not just profits

In western Europe you may think of security of power supply in terms of keeping the regulator happy and avoiding fines. In the extreme cold of Russia and Kazakhstan says Jeremy Cowan, the focus is on saving lives by avoiding unexpected shutdowns in power generation.

17.12.2019 Ural turbine successfully passes comprehensive testing at Ulan Bator CHP-4

Comprehensive 72-hour tests of the upgraded 100 MW turbine have been successfully completed at Ulan Bator CHP-4 (Mongolia). The turbine unit relayed the declared parameters to the network. The turnkey work was carried out jointly with ROTEC JSC in record time, i.e. within 11 months and 8 days from the advance date. The PT-100 turbine is the second of four units modernized by Ural Turbine Works JSC at Ulan Bator CHP-4.

13.12.2019 The Silk Road leads to the Sun. Construction of the Maloderbetovskaya and Yashkulskaya solar substations in Kalmykia has been completed

10.12.2019 Who will build the energy industry of the future

The future of the energy industry

06.12.2019 Russia’s PRANA Predictive Analytics System is coming to Kazakhstan

05.12.2019 ROTEC to expand its partnership with Mongolia

03.12.2019 ROTEC shares its experience with digitalizing facilities in the power industry at the Second International Energy Saving Forum in Astana

03.12.2019 Iskander Azizov: Russia is ready to ensure the development of energetics in Mongolia

28.11.2019 Comparative analysis of honeycomb seal manufacturing technologies

26.11.2019 TEEMP Solutions Presented at the Conference “Innovative Approaches for the Integrated Development of Airfields and Airports of the Arctic Zone and the Northern Regions of Russia”

TEEMP presented a number of specialized solutions that increase the self-containment and reliability of machines and equipment operating in extremely-low temperatures at the workshop conference “Innovative Approaches for the Integrated Development of Airfields and Airports of the Arctic Zone and the Northern Regions of Russia,” which was held at the Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University (MADI) on November 21.

21.11.2019 ROTEC has expanded its production and range of domestic honeycomb seals for turbines and engines

20.11.2019 Budget sealant. “Honeycomb seals” are transforming scheduled turbine repairs into an element of modernization

14.11.2019 Digitalization of the power-grid complex: solutions or a predictive analytics and monitoring system

Monitoring-and-diagnostics data (M&D) form the basis for determining the technical condition of equipment and developing repair schedules.

13.11.2019 Predict and Prevent instead of “Forgive and Forget”

How Russian IT solution made power plants failure-free

08.11.2019 Rosseti Introduces Predictive Analytics to the Power Grid Complex Operation
Public Joint-Stock Company Interregional Distribution Grid Company of Center and Volga Region (a subsidiary of PJSC Rosseti) and ROTEC JSC have signed an agreement on introducing the PRANA Predictive Analytics and Remote Monitoring System to increase the safety and reliability of power-grid equipment.

01.11.2019 PRANA System at the IOT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona (Spain): the Advantages of Predictive Analytics for Business
During the IOT Solutions World Congress, held in Barcelona (Spain) October 29–31, Maxim Lipatov, Technical Director of PRANA System, reported on the results of predictive analytics in planning the servicing of generating equipment, as well as on the technological features of digitalizing critical infrastructure facilities.

25.10.2019 The PRANA System Experience at Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC (ITAP-2019) – the Leading Technology Exhibition of the Asia-Pacific Region
ROTEC presented PRANA – a Predictive Analytics and Remote Monitoring System for industrial equipment at the largest technology exhibition of the Asia-Pacific Region called Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC (ITAP-2019), held in Singapore October 22–24.

22.10.2019 Joint projects involving Belarusian companies and their counterparts in Sverdlovsk Region were discussed in Minsk

15.10.2019 ROTEC to supply gas turbine components to Indonesia for the first time

14.10.2019 ROTEC honeycomb seals enter the Indonesian market. Contract signed for the supply of components for the Rolls-Royce RT61 gas turbine.
ROTEC has signed the first export contract for the supply of welded honeycomb seals for the Indonesian company PT NGLTech Services Indonesia, which specializes in the maintenance of equipment for the oil & gas industry and related efficiency-boosting solutions.

11.10.2019 Mikhail Lifshitz: Shareholders need innovations

10.10.2019 Even a housewife can be an energy engineer. The image of the industry is inevitably changing

07.10.2019 Speech of Sergey Ageev, General Director of TEEMP. Production, at the “Using Energy Storage and Distributed Generation at Russian Railways OJSC: Problems and Opportunities” session of the REW-2019

07.10.2019 Speech by Mikhail Lifshitz at the “Power Engineering: Prospects for the Development of High-Capacity Gas Turbines in the Russian Federation” roundtable at the REW-2019 International Forum

07.10.2019 Mikhail Lifshitz: Alternative energy will make its own way to where it is needed

01.10.2019 ROTEC’s Football team took part in the XIII Mechanical Engineering Cup

27.09.2019 The results of the PRANA System work are presented at the LXVI scientific and technical conference of the Russian Academy of Sciences on problems of gas turbines

27.09.2019 Quotations from the speech by Mikhail Lifshitz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ROTEC JSC, at the “Energetics: New Rules, New Opportunities” conference organized by Kommersant newspaper

02.09.2019 The Deputy Prime Ministers of Russia and Mongolia Have Launched a New UTW Turbine at Ulaanbaatar’s CHPP-4

30.08.2019 Sergey Ageev “TEEMP is geared towards movement”

14.08.2019 60-MW Turbine Unit

09.08.2019 There Is No Stagnation in Our Operation Areas. VEDOMOSTI

02.08.2019 ROTEC has negotiated with an official delegation from Indonesia

31.07.2019 The first scheduled inspection of Alstom 13E2 gas turbines in Russia is successfully carried out by Sulzer Turbo Services Russia

26.07.2019 ROTEC has introduced new CHPP capacities for the industrial site of Solikamskbumprom

16.07.2019 Sulzer Turbo Services Rus has successfully serviced the gas turbines of new client – Khuadyan-Teninskaya CHPP

12.07.2019 ROTEC Commissions a New Substation at the Arshanovsky Open-Pit Coal Mine in the Republic of Khakassia

01.07.2019 And now – the revolution. Digitalization of industry

01.07.2019 PRANA Predictive Analytics System will be able to calculate Technical and Economic Indicators for Industrial Facilities

25.06.2019 Step back to catch up

20.06.2019 How to store up electric energy for future use

03.06.2019 The Ural Turbine Works Plans to Assemble Steam Turbines in Mongolia

26.04.2019 For the first time in Russia, the Ural Turbine Works has manufactured a turbine for the waste incineration plants of the RT-Invest Company

18.04.2019 ROTEC becomes a supplier of honeycomb seals for the repair of aircraft engines

10.04.2019 Unique honeycomb seals – now in Russia

10.04.2019 Russian TEEMP supercapacitors will be installed in Patriot off-road patrol vehicles

03.04.2019 Sulzer Turbo Services Rus has completed another stage in its work on servicing the gas turbines at Kaliningradskaya CHPP-2 of Inter RAO – Electrogeneratsiya

03.04.2019 Mikhail Lifshitz reelected to the Sulzer’s Board of Directors

01.04.2019 Ural Turbine Builders Granted State Awards

27.03.2019 Turbines for export

27.03.2019 ROTEC to expand its intellectual property portfolio and its toolset for prognostics and remote monitoring of the PRANA system

22.03.2019 Sulzer Turbo Services Rus held a Company Day in MPEI

20.03.2019 Speech by Mikhail Lifshitz at the Russian Power Industry: A New Investment Cycle conference, organized by Vedomosti newspaper

14.03.2019 Mikhail Lifshitz: High efficiency makes Russian companies poorer

14.03.2019 TEMPStart™ starting systems to ensure a reliable supply of power to the civil defense facilities of the capital

06.03.2019 ROTEC estimates the potential increase in the volume of orders for TPP upgrades

18.02.2019 IoT in the Russian energy industry

13.02.2019 ROTEC and Amur tigers – is there anything in common?

13.02.2019 The Ural Turbine Works to upgrade generating capacity at the Ulaanbaatar CHPP-4 (Mongolia)

04.02.2019 Mikhail Lifshitz: The approval of the energetics upgrade program is one of the main events in the industry

01.02.2019 Mechanical engineers on the verge of a new СSA

18.01.2019 A turbine that is immune to fines. The energy market is given a range of preferential innovations

14.01.2019 Accidents and unscheduled shutdowns of turbines will become history

03.01.2019 Failure to launch: technologies that should have been breakthroughs, but ended up as failures

25.12.2018 ROTEC has equipped scientific and environmental stations in Khabarovsk Territory with solar modules and diesel generator sets

18.12.2018 ROTEC has started a new phase of work under the program for the protection of Lake Baikal

12.12.2018 ROTEC performed anticorrosive protection of heat exchangers and tanks at the plant of Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC and the absorber AM-76 at the ammonia plant of Apatit JSC

13.11.2018 New features of the PRANA prognostics system simplify working with big data

07.11.2018 Ural Turbine Works has updated 90% of the Pavlodar CHP-3 capacity (Kazakhstan)

30.10.2018 Around the world on solar power

26.10.2018 Around the world on solar power: Albatross flying lab unveiled at Skolkovo

26.10.2018 Gas turbines of the three major manufacturers have been connected to the PRANA prognostics system.

25.10.2018 The Albatros project – solar-powered around-the-world-flight – was presented at Skolkovo

22.10.2018 Mikhail Lifshits awarded the Suvorov Prize

19.10.2018 South Korean manufacturers' delegation visited ROTEC

11.10.2018 Arkhangelsk Pulp & Paper Mill and ROTEC sign steam turbine supply agreement for 1 billion rubles

05.10.2018 Mikhail Lifshitz took part in Russian Energy Week

03.10.2018 ROTEC and Sonelgaz-Engineering are Considering the Feasibility of Joint Projects in North Africa

01.10.2018 Experts united in one network

01.10.2018 ROTEC - champion of the Football Cup of Machine Industry

01.10.2018 ROTEC - champion of the Football Cup of Machine Industry

26.09.2018 Predictive analytics for power transformers

21.09.2018 It is unwise to invest in the production of a gas turbine in Russia while there is no demand

19.09.2018 New PRANA System Forecasting Features Patented

10.09.2018 Eighty years around the turbines: UTW celebrates anniversary

29.08.2018 UTW turbines and PRANA prognostics system will ensure reliable operation of new digital power units of Kazan TPP-1

09.07.2018 An uninterruptible production source

27.06.2018 ROTEC has begun to install the transformer substation equipment in the Kekura gold field ahead of schedule

25.06.2018 The latest trend for burning trash

18.06.2018 ROTEC Helps to Preserve Lake Baikal Environment

01.06.2018 Sulzer held user conference in Russia

31.05.2018 Representatives of Belenergo Learn About ROTEC’s Prognostic Technologies

23.05.2018 UTW digitalised steam turbine to ensure efficient and smooth waste processing

23.05.2018 Industrial Internet for black box

22.05.2018 AlfaStrakhovanie and ROTEC begin cooperation in the field of technological risk forecasting

16.05.2018 Universality of predictive analytics

02.04.2018 Mikhail Lifshitz: “Digitalization brings transparency to the industry”

27.03.2018 Easy start

28.02.2018 Ural Turbine Works commissions a turbine for Ulan-Ude CHPP

16.01.2018 ROTEC helps save tigers in Primorsky Krai

30.11.2017 TER-service and Sulzer successfully completed a Major inspection at CHPP-27 of "Mosenergo" PJSC

17.11.2017 A meeting between Suresh Prabhu, Minister of Commerce and Industry of India, and Mikhail Lifshitz has taken place

16.11.2017 Mikhail Lifshitz awards the 2017 Suvorov Prize

17.10.2017 Open Innovations Forum

10.10.2017 ROTEC at the Belarusian Energy Forum

06.10.2017 ROTEC has completed carbon dioxide absorber repair at Togliattiazot plant

05.10.2017 ROTEC at the forum "Russian Energy Week"

22.09.2017 Sulzer Chemtech Expands Production in Russia

22.09.2017 Sulzer ChemTech plant oppening

04.09.2017 ROTEK to Build a Transformer Substation at Kekura Gold Mine

23.08.2017 Mosenergo CHPP-27 Deploys PRANA Prognostics System

21.07.2017 The world's first aircraft with a super-capacitor based start up system has been presented at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2017

14.07.2017 "ROTEC" at the international exhibition "Innoprom-2017"

10.07.2017 Ural Turbine Works commissions a steam turbine for Kaliningrad Generation

10.07.2017 Mikhail Lifshitz showed Vladimir Putin the new power industry technologies that have been developed for the country

16.06.2017 PRANA project was presented to participants of the Russian Oil and Gas IT summit "Digital Oil Field"

05.06.2017 ROTEC's Business Development Director Sergey Kurilov spoke to IoT Tech Expo participants of the PRANA prognostics system

01.06.2017 PRANA prognostics system will ensure the reliability of power-generating units at Kazan CHPP-1

23.05.2017 TEEMP, the designer and producer of energy storage systems, has started production of supercapacitors

19.04.2017 Mikhail Lifshitz took part in the Innovation Summit 2017

03.04.2017 PRANA Forecasting System is registered in the National Software Register

03.04.2017 ROTEC and Sulzer Turbo Services Rus have successfully performed technical maintenance on 4 gas turbines of T Plus PJSC

29.03.2017 Representatives of OGK-2 checked out the forecasting technologies of ROTEC

24.03.2017 TEEMP demonstrates a new supercapacitor module

23.03.2017 The National University of Science and Technology MISiS is developing electrolyte production technology for TEEMP supercapacitors

10.02.2017 Ural Turbine Works Releases First Next Gen World Largest Steam Turbine for Mosenergo PJSC

06.02.2017 Interview with Mikhail Lifshitz: Predict to Prevent - Power and Industry of Russia

30.01.2017 ROTEC implements two EPC projects for industrial generation

18.01.2017 “Intelligent Manufacturing” magazine interview with Mr. Mikhail Lifshitz

13.01.2017 ROTEC has been accredited for technical audit of Sberbank PJSC power engineering investment projects

06.12.2016 ROTEC and South Africa Mpumalanga Economic Growth Agency have signed a Memorandum of Understanding

14.11.2016 ROTEС has completed minor inspections at Urengoy GRES operated by Inter RAO - Electric Power Plants

09.11.2016 TEEMP has developed a device enabling heavy machinery start at temperatures down to -65°C

18.10.2016 ROTEС completes repairing the carbon dioxide absorber at the Togliattiazot OJSC ammonia production facility

05.10.2016 Central-Asian Electric Power Corporation and Ural Turbine Works modernize Kazakhstan’s power generation

27.09.2016 Peretok.ru: Proactive play

15.09.2016 TER-Service and ROTEC inspected turbines at Pravoberezhnaya CHPP of TGK-1 PJSC

13.09.2016 Start-up of UTW's steam turbine at the official commissioning ceremony of Academicheskaya CHPP

30.08.2016 Svetlana Kapanina — an all-round European champion in stunt flying

30.08.2016 ROTEC’s managers take part in the workshop of UES’ corporate training center

26.08.2016 Rambler News Service: Mikhail Lifshits about innovations in reliability management

10.08.2016 Mosenergo management got acquainted with the capabilities of the ROTEC’s Prognostics and Remote Monitoring Center

01.08.2016 Russian Deputy Minister of Energy visited the Gas Turbine Hot Section Parts Restoration Center

25.07.2016 Energy Minister of Russian Federation Alexander Novak told President Vladimir Putin about Hot-Duct Gas-Turbine Parts Refurbishment Center

12.07.2016 Alexey Texler visits Ural Turbine Works and the ROTEC Hot-Duct Gas-Turbine Parts Refurbishment Center

24.06.2016 Mikhail Lifshitz took part in the meeting of the Russian-Chinese Commission for investment cooperation

16.06.2016 Icebreaker Arktika with equipment by Ural Turbine Works to be installed aboard set afloat

07.06.2016 Modern assembly stand for the turbine of highest capacity was built at Ural Turbine Works

30.05.2016 Officials from Energy Ministry, RUSNANO and Rostelecom Visit Center for Prognostics and Remote Monitoring

25.05.2016 ROTEC becomes partner of VIII Annual Conference RUSSIAN POWER

24.05.2016 Opening of the Gas Turbines Hot Path Repair Center, May 20 2016

23.05.2016 Renova Sets Its Sights on Import-Substitution - Kommersant

20.05.2016 Center for refurbishment of parts for gas power turbines was established in Russia

12.05.2016 UTW modernizes the fifth turbine of capacity 100 MW for SIBEKO

04.05.2016 Renova Group is to perform modernization of turbine at Novosibirsk CHPP of SIBECO for 424 mln. rubles – Interfax

22.04.2016 “Power-plant engineering needs not so much support as adequate demand” – Journal “Energy without Limits”, No. 2 (37) April – May, 2016

19.04.2016 ROTEC performs overhaul of gas turbine units at CHPP-27

18.04.2016 Rostelecom and ROTEC have signed a Partnership Agreement in Innovation Development

15.04.2016 Mikhail Lifshitz speaks about ROTEC's experience in the field of Industrial Internet

11.04.2016 Shunting the Heart of the Turbine. - Expert Magazine, April 11-17, 2016

08.04.2016 UTW announces completion of Sakhalin turbine shop tests

30.03.2016 UTW Proved Conformance to New Standard of Quality Managements System

25.03.2016 The Best Design Engineer with Ural Turbine Works

22.03.2016 Electric power industry at the Russian Business Week

17.03.2016 Promising projects in Tatarstan power industry discussed at symposium in Kazan

14.03.2016 The Ural Machine Engineers’ Most Powerful Turbine to be Installed at One of the World’s Biggest CHP Plants. - TASS

10.03.2016 CHPP-22's PU-9 to be dismantled as part of reconstruction

02.03.2016 ROTEC performs overhaul of gas turbine units at CHPP-27

18.02.2016 Ship turbines

11.02.2016 The third turbine with capacity of 130 MW shipped to the capital of Kazakhstan

01.02.2016 Ural Turbine Works to participate in construction of TPP in the Kaliningrad region

25.01.2016 Ural Turbine Works joined Russian Association of Wind Power Industry

19.01.2016 Locals make plans for Iran. - Oblastnaya Gazeta

18.01.2016 One more turbine T-100 to be modernized at Pavlodar CHPP-3

30.12.2015 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

25.12.2015 UTW's turbines increase electricity generation in Nizhnekamsk

15.12.2015 Two combined cycle power units with turbines by Ural Turbine Works put into operation in Nizhnyaya Tura

09.12.2015 ROTEC Discusses Cooperation with Chinese Companies

01.12.2015 Changes in the Management Team of ROTEС

20.11.2015 Kazan CHP-3 Modernization Announced Winner of All-Russia Contest of Energy Projects ENES

29.10.2015 M. Lifshitz Takes Part in Commissioning of the First Stage of the Largest Solar Power Plant in Russia

28.10.2015 Rotec and AKKA Technologies, a leading European group, will join effort to develop engineering in Russia

28.10.2015 Ural Turbine Works Enters TOP 10 Fastest Growing High-Tech Companies in Russia

26.10.2015 ROTEC Experts Service Moscow TPP-27 Gas Turbines

23.10.2015 Mongolian Engineers to Be Trained In Ekaterinburg at UTW Site

16.10.2015 Ural Turbine Works, CJSC: new upgrade solutions for turbine equipment. - Energobelarus.by

09.10.2015 Ural Turbine Works and ROTEC represents their products and services to Belarusian power engineers

25.09.2015 INTERVIEW: It's important to forecast sales for at least 10 years. - Oblastnaya gazeta

24.09.2015 Speaker Z. Enkhbold emphasized progress in cooperation between UTW and Mongolian power engineering sector

22.09.2015 Industrial Development Fund will grant ROTEC a loan to develop gas turbine components production

17.09.2015 Pilot Svetlana Kapanina has visited ROTEC Moscow office and talked to its employees

14.09.2015 Viktor Vekselberg now deals with hot section. Kommersant

08.09.2015 TEEMP Supercapacitors Passed Testing at Leading Scientific and Engineering Organizations

04.09.2015 ROTEC Completed Expanded Inspection of Novokuibushevsk TPP-1 Combined-Cycle Power Unit Combustion Section

27.08.2015 INTERVIEW: Senior manager sees no restrictions for Renova in Europe. - Interfax

On September 27, Russian machine builders celebrate professional holiday. In this year one of the leading power engineering companies in Russia, Ural Turbine Works (UTW, part of ROTEC Holding company), completed construction of power generating unit at Ulaanbaatar CHPP-4, Mongolia. This turned out to be the largest constructing project for Mongolian power engineering for the last 20 years. For UTW it was the first export supply of new generation turbines outside the CIS over the past ten years. Mikhail Lifshitz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of UTW, answers the questions from OG.

Без заголовка.jpg

— Mikhail Valerievich, what is the current situation in power engineering?

— The government program on contracts for power capacity supply (a program created to motivate power generating companies for construction of new power units. — OG's note), which were adopted for the last 5-6 years gave a boost to progress in production of new power equipment; major production facilities have been modernized. That is why production plants are in satisfactory condition for today.

But power industry development program was prepared based on economy development forecast. And actual economic growth rate is lower than the predicted figures. As a result we have excess power capacity supply on the electric power market in the amount of about 15-20 GW or 6-8%. Besides, the power generating companies themselves – the consumers of our products, – are in extremely difficult conditions today. The loans for purchasing new equipment have to be serviced. In addition, many companies have loans in foreign currency, while tariffs for electrical and thermal energy are in rubles and fixed. Therefore, despite the fact that current condition of production plants is quite good, the forecast is not encouraging.

In my opinion, the Russian market, in prospect, shall be targeted to modernization of installed capacities rather than to construction of new power generating units.

—How could domestic machine builders replace the power engineering products of foreign corporations?

— The only position in the field of energy equipment on which we have no our own product in Russia — is heavy gas turbines. At the same time in our country we have highly concentrated competencies and capacities to manufacture such equipment. But we have no consistent demand. In order to launch manufacturing of any new product, it is necessary to understand sales forecast for it for at least 10 future years.

— What kind of support in the development of power engineering can be provided by the government?

— Government support is necessary primarily for some new and breakthrough technologies not yet settled in the market. I mean project financing. For instance, we are efficiently supported by the government in subsidizing interest rates on loans for new projects. Thanks to Ministry of Industry and Trade and Industry Development Fund.

I think that we need help in those sectors where we encounter direct competition with foreign products. In particular, economic instruments for subsidizing interest rates on loans can put us in sufficiently equal market conditions as they are for foreign companies. Indeed, if any of my western competitors, who enters a new production facility or a new project, can get the loan three times cheaper, then anyway I can find myself in conditions of limited competitive ability.

— Your production plant has recently implemented a large project in Mongolia, which was named the best Russian export project. What other large projects you are currently working at?

— We plan further working with Mongolia. We also cooperate with Kazakhstan. In this year, three our turbines have already been put into operation at Kazakh CHPPs, and another one shall be commissioned by the end of the year. We completed a small but interesting project in Serbia, and currently we participate in tenders for modernization of CHPPs in Belarus and construction of geothermal power plants in Africa.

The largest one among our projects in Russia – is manufacturing a turbine of capacity 335 MW for reconstruction of power unit at CHPP-22 of Mosenergo. This will be the most powerful heat power generating unit in the world. We believe that it will become the standard-bearer for the new line of our products and allow for upgrading of generating capacities in Moscow and other large cities.

OG's information:

47 steam turbines made by UTW are operated in Moscow. Their total capacity is 7,820 MW (63% of Mosenergo installed capacity). They deliver electric power and heat to 12 mln. people of Russian capital city.

13.08.2015 UTW spent 23 mln. rubles for load-lifting equipment modernization since the beginning of the year

07.08.2015 Airport of the Regions and ROTEC to support most world-renowned aviatress in international competitions

14.07.2015 Russia’s facilities pioneering repair of large gas turbine components to be opened by year end. TASS

10.07.2015 Denis Manturov, Head of the RF Ministry of Industry and Trade, Visited the Ural Turbine Works

09.07.2015 UTW is Ready to Participate in Construction of Energy Facitlies in African Countries

07.07.2015 ROTEC Holding to Present New Turbine Types and Energy Storage Innovations at INNOPROM

24.06.2015 Russian Turbines to Make Kazakh Capital Warmer and Lighter

19.06.2015 General Electric and ROTEC Signed an Agreement

19.06.2015 Best Export Project Implemented by Ural Turbine Works in Mongolia

19.06.2015 ROTEC Wants General Electric Technologies. Kommersant.ru

19.06.2015 Renova and GE Look to Cooperate on Production of Low-Power Steam Turbines. Interfax

09.06.2015 ROTEC and Moscow Power Engineering Institute Extend Relationship

05.06.2015 ROTEC Professionals Completed Minor Inspection of Gas Turbines on CHP-21 Power Unit 11

04.06.2015 ROTEC: Russian Experience in Servicing Gas Turbine Equipment. Interview with Mikhail Lifshitz for the Gas Turbo Technology Magazine, April-May 2015.

02.06.2015 UTW to Contest for Contract to Build Two Nuclear-Powered Icebreakers. RIA Novosti

02.06.2015 Ural Joins the Arktika Project to Build the Most Powerful Icebreaker. Sudostroenie.info

02.06.2015 Ural Turbine Works Manufactured and Commissioned Two Steam Turbines for Nuclear Icebreaker Arktika

29.05.2015 Ural Turbine Works organized a scientific and technical conference

18.05.2015 ROTEC committed to long-term servicing of four more gas turbines

05.05.2015 ROTEC professionals have hooked up a gas turbine to Remote Monitoring and Forecasting Center at Perm CHP-9

21.04.2015 Sochi hosted chief energy engineers' meeting

24.03.2015 Mikhail Lifshitz was awarded the title “Honorable Power Engineer of Mongolia”

20.03.2015 Largest project of Russian machine builders in Mongolia completed: new power-generating unit was put into operation at Ulaanbaatar CHPP-4

19.03.2015 Ural Turbine Works Launches Mongolia’s Largest Power Unit of 20 years. Prime

19.03.2015 New power-generating unit of Ulaanbaatar CHPP-4 is ready for operation

Russian power engineers have successfully completed performance testing of the new turbine unit of installed electrical capacity 123 MW at Ulaanbaatar CHPP-4 in Mongolia.
Performance capabilities of all units parts load were checked during testing. The power unit has confirmed committed capacity supplied to the mains.

Construction of a new power unit at the plant is one of the first projects of technological cooperation between Russian and Mongolian power engineers over the past 20 years. Ural Turbine Works, part of ROTEC Holding Company, worked as a general contractor for the construction of this power facility as a supplier of the main equipment. Construction and installation works were performed by Energy Construction Corporation SOYUZ, integrated into Holding Company SOYUZ.

Ulaanbaatar CHPP-4 was designed and built in 1987 with the use of Russian technologies and equipment. It is the largest energy generating plant in Mongolia. The new turbine unit will become the fourth power plant at Ulaanbaatar CHPP-4 manufactured by Ural Turbine Works.

"The turbine Т-120/130-130-8МО installed at the plant was designed on the platform of model T-100 — the top-of-the-range of the products by Ural Turbine Works. Along with maintaining the best features of T-100, a number of advanced design and technological solutions was embodied in the new turbine. For example, the turbine is equipped with control and protection system with the use of microprocessor-based control technology based on the home-designed technological solutions. Service life of the turbine is designed to amount 40 years in operation," — said Igor Sorochan, Director General of UTW CJSC.

After commissioning of the new turbine unit, installed electric power of the plant with steam extraction for central heating will be 693 MW, and maximum will reach 790 MW.

"Completed performance testing is the last stage of works prior to putting the turbine into operation. During 72 hours the equipment worked under rated load and with design steam parameters. During this time we have tested combined operation of the main units and all the auxiliary equipment, so the new power-generating unit is perfectly ready for operation", — said Leonid Rayetskiy, Vice-President of ECC SOYUZ.

Installed heat energy generation of the modernized power plant for consumers of Ulaanbaatar will be significantly increased — from 1185 Gcal/h to 1373 Gcal/h.

This project has a significant industrial and social importance with regard to the growing demand for heat and electricity from local industry and population of the capital of Mongolia to satisfy their needs as completely as possible.

On March 20 the official ceremony of power unit stat-up will take place

05.03.2015 Managers of ROTEC and UTW have taken part in a business program of Power GEN Russia 2015

The forum POWER-GEN Russia-2015 has been closed in Moscow. The leading Russian and foreign power industry companies took part in it.

The management of CJSC ROTEC and CJSC Ural Turbine Works have taken an active part in subject sessions:

· Presentation for contribution of General Director of CJSC ROTEC Mikhail Lifshitz, "Experience of implementing power generation facility reconstruction projects of CJSC ROTEC and CJSC UTW".

· Presentation for the report by the Director of the project "Engineering" of CJSC ROTEC, "Service of power equipment supported by Remote Monitoring and Forecasting Center"

· Presentation for the report by the Chief Designer of CJSC, Alexey Kultyshev, "Experience of development and implementation of state-of-the-art steam turbines for domestic CCGT plants in Russia"

ROTEC holding company used the exhibition to present its capacities in the sphere of power engineering industry and turbine equipment servicing. The major attention of the participants was attracted to the company's Gas Turbine Power Plant Remote Monitoring and Forecasting Center, new UTW's steam turbine models, in particular, a turbine for gas turbine power plants (Т-63/76-8,8). A certified mobile non-destructive inspection laboratory was also demonstrated.

03.03.2015 ROTEC has presented its own Remote Monitoring and Forecast Center at POWER-GEN Russia Exhibition and Conference
The specialists of ROTEC CJSC have presented the Company’s own Remote Monitoring and Forecast Center to the participants and visitors of POWER-GEN Russia Exhibition and Conference. When getting acquainted with the exhibition hall of ROTEC, First Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, Aleksey Teksler, paid special attention to monitoring of gas turbine equipment at power plants.

26.02.2015 Mikhail Lifshitz has taken part in the common electricity market concept discussion

On 25 February, a meeting of the Energy Advisory Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission Board took place. Representatives of the government services and businesses of the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union discussed the program of creation of a common energy market.

The meeting was attended by CEO of ROTEC CJSC, Mikhail Lifshitz.

"This is an exciting and vibrant event. The presence in our traditional markets of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia is very important for us. We are well acquainted with the energy markets of these states: we use the same language, the same standards, while our employees studied in the same universities. We all use centralized heat supply system in our cities. Our Ural Turbine Works is an acknowledged leader in production of cogeneration steam turbines, ROTEС is a leading company in the sphere of service of heavy gas turbines, and both companies are focused on long-term, "scheduled", if you like, co-operation with generation companies. Export contracts in today's extremely difficult conditions for our Russian customers are particularly important. Assistance for the Advisory Board is not only an opportunity to look into the future of the common energy market, but also a chance to take part in its formation, to synchronize the development strategies of our enterprises with the modern demands", says Mikhail Lifshitz.

09.02.2015 TEEMP Completes Production of Prototype Supercapacitors

TEEMP OOO is completing the production of 16.2V 500 F modules that will be passed to one of the largest global energy providers in late February. The supercapacitors are intended to be used in hybrid vehicles.

In 2014, TEEMP designed and developed the production know-how for 150V 50F supercapacitor modules for city hybrid buses. It is planned to launch the mass production of such buses under the Russian program Green Vehicle.

TEEMP’s projects are based on original solutions in know-how and material engineering, and will be used not only in motor industry. The electrode materials and electrolytes made in the course of the project can be used for power-efficient electric energy storage systems in diverse industries.

02.02.2015 ROTEC and UTW will represent new experience in turbines production and servicing at the forum POWER-GEN Russia

ROTEC CJSC and UTW CJSC will participate in the intentional conference and exhibition POWER-GEN Russia, which will be carried out on March 3 - 5, at the Exhibition Center on Krasnaya Presnya, Moscow.

ROTEC will represent their experience in service of gas turbine equipment to the experts from power industry. By the end of 2014 the company has increased its service activities by 1.2 bln. rubles. At the present time ROTEC independently and in cooperation with the company Sulzer provide servicing for 21 gas turbines of total capacity 2.5 GW located at the territory of Russia. Since the beginning of this year under the long-term service contracts specialists form ROTEC started to connect the turbines under servicing to their own Center for Remote Monitoring and Forecasting. The capabilities of the new Center with the unique software will be demonstrated to the visitors of POWER-GEN Russia.

As part of ROTEC holding, Ural Turbine Works will represent to the experts attending POWER-GEN, their new models of steam turbines, including the turbines for combined-cycle units, which today arouse particular interest from power engineers. Attention will be also drawn to projects for modernization of the turbines type T-100 Five of these projects have already been implemented at power plants in Russia and Kazakhstan.


Joint exhibitions stand of the companies ROTEC and Ural Turbine Works — В 038.

Business program of the conference POWER-GEN Russia is planned to include the following speeches:

• March 3, Session No.1 "Large-scale gas generation/combined-cycle units" (technical division) — Report on "Experience in development and introduction of modern home-produced steam turbines for combined-cycle units in the territory of RF", A. Yu. Kultyshev, Chief Designer of UTW CJSC;

• March 4, Session No.5 "Operation and maintenance optimization" (technical division) — Report on "Service of power equipment with support of the Center for Remote Monitoring and Forecasting", E.V. Gromak, Director of the project "Engineering", ROTEC CJSC;

• March 4, Session No.8 "New incentives for modernization of generating equipment" (strategic division) — Report on "Experience in implementation of reconstruction projects for generating facilities of ROTEC CJSC and UTW CJSC, M.V. Lifshitz, Director General of ROTEC CJSC.

26.12.2014 ROTEC completed modernization of the turbine at Omsk CHPP-5

On the eve of 2015 ROTEC has completed the works on modernization of another turbine — turbine No.1 of Omsk CHPP-5 (TGC-11, Inter RAO). After modernization electric power output of the turbine has been increased by 18 MW and amounted to 98 MW.

The turbine manufactured by Leningrad Metal Plant was in operation from October 1980, and by this time it is overaged. In addition, the reduction of its efficiency in recent years was associated with a decrease in the high-pressure steam extraction. Reconstruction allowed to prolong turbine service life up to the value of a new unit, as well as to increase its power capacity and improve its economic performance due to the improved technical performance. Non-demanded production steam extraction can now be used to generate electricity and heat. Among other issues, the automatic system for control and protection of the power-generating unit has been completely upgraded.

The general contractor for the project was QUARTZ Group LLC. Documents for reconstruction of the turbine hall of the power plant was developed by Lonas technology CJSC. The project and modernization of turbine PT-80/100-130/13, as well as designer's supervision was performed by ROTEC CJSC.

Victor Gaak, Director of the Omsk branch of TGC-11 JSC: "Since the beginning of the new year power capacity of Omsk CHPP-5 will increase by 18 MW. The reconstruction performed at the turbine No.1 allowed improving its performance, increasing reliability of operation and growing the production volume of electricity. Additional power capacity is generated due to the increase of steam flow through the wheel space of the turbine. Funding of the project amounted to 386 mln. rubles. For our consumers it's required to increase electrical power output, and with regard to this, we place our expectations, primarily, on the development of the industry of Omsk."

Mikhail Lifshitz, Director General of ROTEC CJSC: "It is the first project on modernization of the turbine manufactured by Leningrad Metal Plant which we have developed and implemented." As a result, the customer gets a turbine that generates more electricity and has improved performance. Along with that capital expenditures of generating company per 1 kW of additionally introduced power capacity occurred to be almost 5 times lower than the average cost of new power units construction. I think that the technical solution developed by us can be also introduced at other power plants in Russia and abroad for the modernization of turbines with regard to the changing operating conditions."

24.12.2014 Russian machine builders completed installation of a new power unit at Ulaanbaatar CHPP-4

At the largest in Mongolia Ulaanbaatar CHPP-4 was completed the construction of a new power unit of capacity120 MW. Official ceremony of project transfer to the commissioning stage on December 22 was attended by Dashdorzhiyn Zorigt, Minister of Energy of Mongolia and Iskander Azizov, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Russia in Mongolia, as well as representatives of Mongolian Government, who together with the plant's Management estimated quality of the works and readiness of the facility for commissioning.

Ural Turbine Works ( ROTEC Holding) acted as a general contractor and major equipment supplier, and Energy Construction Corporation SOUZ performed construction and installation works at the facility. Having the experience of cooperation with foreign and Russian power machinery building and servicing companies, ROTEC was able to join efforts of many companies for construction of a complex facility within the shortest possible time.

Dashdorzhiyn Zorigt, Minister of Energy of Mongolia, said: "An important phase of construction was completed, and in a very short time. Although according to the international standards similar works require 1.5 years, installation works at CHPP-4 were performed in less than a year."

Some equipment manufactured by Ural Turbine Works is now in operation at the Ulaanbaatar CHPP-4. Over a long period of operation — more than thirty years — these turbines have proved their high reliability and maneuverability. That's why the Management of CHPP decided to install at the plant one more turbine from the same manufacturer.

Construction of foundations for the new power unit began in February 2014, from June to December installation works were carried out in the turbine hall of the power plant between the operating turbines that required high qualification and responsibility of personnel involved in the construction and installation. More than 200 people at one and the same time was occupied in the works. By now the installation works at the power unit have been totally completed: test vacuum was reached and the turbine was brought to barring mode. Completion of commissioning and putting the turbines into operation is planned on early 2015.

As a result, the electric power output of Ulaanbaatar CHPP-4 will be increased by 20%. Generation of heat energy for Ulaanbaatar's consumers will also increase significantly. The service life of the turbine is designed to be 40 years.

Ulaanbaatar CHPP-4 — is the largest energy plant in Mongolia. Owner — Dulaany IV Tsahilgaan. Construction of power plant was started in 1980. Installed capacity — 570 MW, heat energy output — 1050 Gcal/h.

23.12.2014 In 2014 ROTEC participated in the construction of new power units of rough capacity 2 GW

On December 22, the Power Engineers' Day, at Novogorkovskaya CHPP two gas turbines of total capacity 350 megawatts were put into operation. It is the largest one among the projects under the program of new power capacities commissioning implemented by CES Holding. ROTEC participated in this project as owner's engineer and bank's engineer, which exercised control over quality, time and budget of the construction works.

Professionals from ROTEC have carried out an expert analysis of engineering studies, project and detailed design documents, and provided quality control of equipment manufacturing, technical supervision and construction monitoring. Project management allowed optimization of technical solutions ensuring high quality of construction and installation works and compliance with the budget. For the works executed the Management of CES Holding honored ROTEC with a note of thanks.

Mikhail Lifshitz, Director General of ROTEC CJSC: "In the expiring year our company cooperated closely with CES not only in engineering, but also in equipment supplies for the power units under construction. Apart from this, we are the partners in gas turbine equipment service. We are grateful to the Management of CES for being highly appreciated."

In addition to Novogorkovskaya CHPP, ROTEC was providing expert support for the investment projects of CES at Vladimir CHPP-2, Izhevsk CHPP-1 and Kirov CHPP-3. These projects were successfully implemented in 2014. Total power capacity of the commissioned power units — more than 1 GW.

ROTEC currently participates in three other large Russian investment projects: at Nizhneturinskaya CPP, Novobereznikovskaya CHPP and Academicheskaya CHPP, as well as in the construction of a new power unit at Ulaanbaatar CHPP-4 — the largest power plant in Mongolia.

22.12.2014 The most powerful Ural turbine once again will be installed at Moscow CHPP-22. Ogoniok Magazine

Russian capital needs a powerful energy generator

By 1971, in Sverdlovsk at the Ural Turbine Motor Plant the world's largest co-generation turbine of capacity 250 MW was assembled. There were no turbines of such capacity all over the world, which could have been capable to produce electrical as well as heat energy for consumers. This turbine was manufactured by Ural engineers especially for Moscow CHPP-22, which generated energy for the industrial areas of the Russian capital: Lyublino, Kuzminki, Vyhino, Lyubertsy.

V.F.Zhigalin, Minister of Heavy, Power and Transport Engineering of the USSR wrote in his message of greeting from January 5, 1971: "Ural turbine motor builders ... truly, are the creators of the largest and most efficient co-generation turbines. For high quality and economic performance ten major products, which is 80% of the total production output in terms of turbines, have been awarded a quality mark. By the significant date — the 50th anniversary of Lenin's GOELRO plan — Ural turbine motor builders have won another brilliant victory — finished the assembly of the new and the world's largest co-generation turbine of capacity 250 thousand KW."

Implementation of the task set for Ural engineers proved to be not so easy: specifically for this turbine a new production building of area 17 000 square meters had to be erected.

In 1972, a prototype model of the turbine Т-250/300-240 was successfully installed at the power unit No.9 of CHPP-22 at Dzerzhinskiy, near Moscow, and began to generate its first heat and electricity.

In 1979, for design engineering, development of production and introduction into the national economy of the turbine T-250/300-240, M.I.Neuymin, Deputy Minister of Transport and Power Engineering (former Director of the Ural Turbine Works), the team of developers from UTW and N.I.Serebryakov, Chief Engineer of Mosenergo and A.V.Zvyagintsev, Director of CHPP-22, were awarded USSR State Prize.

Alexander Osyka, Deputy Director General for Production of Mosenergo OJSC: "In 1973, being a student of the Moscow Energy Institute, I did practical training at CHPP-22 and participated in the installation of the turbine T-250 on the power unit No.10. It was the second turbine of this type, manufactured by Ural Plant for the needs of electric power system of the Russian capital. At that time the first prototype model of the turbine T-250 at the power unit No.9 of CHPP-22 was already in operation. The staff of the power plant and Mosenergo actively participated in its introduction and improvement. In a short time the turbines had been brought to the design parameters, that served as a standard for the growth of co-generation power capacity of other plant of the Russian capital. Turbines T-250 became the main energy sources in the structure of Moscow heat supply system. Total number of turbines manufactured for Mosenergo amounted to 19 units T-250, the last of which was put into operation at CHPP-25 in 1991. Over the past operation period these turbines had proved their efficiency and reliability. Advanced technical solutions for the first time implemented 40 years ago ensured long operational life for this equipment. Due to accumulated experience in operation of turbines T-250, upgraded turbines T-295 will ensure even greater efficiency and reliability."

Forty years later

Generating capacities of the Russian capital starts being upgraded, and with relying upon the capabilities of domestic machine-building complex.

On November 25, 2014 at CHPP-22 of Mosenergo took place a milestone event — during the official ceremony a memorandum of cooperation was signed between Gazprom Energoholding LLC and ROTEC CJSC. A pilot project for reconstruction of the power unit No.9 of CHPP-22 started up, providing for the replacement of the very first Ural turbine — T-250, which became the pioneer for a series of powerful Soviet steam turbines, — with a new turbine model manufactured by Ural Plant. Prototype model of the new turbine marked as T-295/335-23,5 shall have been installed on the power plant by September 2018. This turbine will be more powerful than its predecessors, its capacity can reach 335 MW. For co-generation steam turbines manufactured in Russia it is an absolute record. As to the world experience, an attempt to create more powerful co-generation turbine — of capacity 400 MW— was taken by the USA in the late 80's. However, this unit had never been commercialized.

"In terms of reliability of design solutions and technical parameters turbine type T-250 can be called unique and unparalleled anywhere in the world. Designed and manufactured by Ural Turbine Works about 40 years ago, these turbines are still in operation. Along with that in the coming years some of the turbines T-250 operated at power plants of Mosenergo will reach their ultimate life. In this regard, it was decided to implement a pilot project for replacement of the turbine at the power unit No.9 of CHPP-22. Of course, introduction of new types of equipment is a risk-bearing decision, but I believe that successful implementation of this project will become an important step in the development of the Russian Power Engineering," — said Denis Fedorov, Director General of Gazprom Energoholding LLC.

The new turbine have been developed by design devision of Ural Turbine Works for several years. The project was discussed in the leading power engineering institutes in Russia and at the meetings of Science and Engineering Board of Energoholding. The goal was to preserve the best technical parameters of excellently proved T-250, but take a further step towards the increased capacity to meet modern requirements for energy efficiency and controllability of operating procedures, as well as to increase the service life by many times.

Program for the future

Mikhail Lifshitz, Director General of ROTEC CJSC, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ural Turbine Works says: "Today, the power plats of Mosenergo operate 49 turbines, manufactured by us, nineteen of which are of model T-250, and another thirty turbines of lower capacity of model T-100 and others. Many of them reach the time for being replaced. The special feature of the project, which was developed by us together with our colleagues from Mosenergo for the power unit No.9 of CHPP-22, is that it allows for the more powerful turbine to be installed exactly into that place and slot, in which the turbine of lower capacity is installed today. We managed to provide the lowest cost for the facility in terms of general construction works and development of infrastructure for the power unit. We are ready to offer similar projects for other turbines."

Modernization of the existing fleet of power turbines is a global task that involves not only the city of Moscow, but also power generating system as a whole. Replacement or technical upgrade of the overaged power units should improve reliability of electricity and heat energy supply to the consumers and ensure trouble-free operation. As consumers, we are not tired to use such blessings of civilization as electricity and centralized heat supply, despite the fact, that their history counts a century. They are still in fashion. And it’s not just for heating and electricity are the necessary conditions of our modern way of life. They are the infrastructure basis for the development of the economy. Power engineers still use large-scale approach to the development of the economy.

17.12.2014 Another steam turbine by UTW put into operation in Kirov region

On December 16, 2014 at Kirov CHPP-4 was held an official start-up ceremony of a new turbine with power capacity of 120 MW. Turbine Т-120/130-130-8МО was manufactured by Ural Turbine Works CJSC (part of Industrial Holding ROTEC). The start-up ceremony was attended by Nikita Belykh, Governor of the Kirov region, Alexei Ivonin, Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Kirov region, Vladimir Bykov, Head of the city of Kirov, and Boris Vainzikher, Director general of CES Holding.

Within the project of CES Holding for modernization of Kirov CHPP-4, Ural Turbine Works supplied two turbines of capacities 120 MW and 65 MW (the last one was put into operation in April of the present year). Such a grand-scale modernization of CHPP-4 will allow increasing of plant's capacity up to 345 MW along with reduction of Kirov electric power system deficiency and, which is also important, improvement of reliability of power supply to the consumers. Thus, the new turbine of capacity 120 MW will additionally provide electricity to 2500 residential buildings and 700 social facilities, and heat — to more than 200 apartment buildings.

Turbine Т-120/130-130-8МО — is a serial product of UTW, which proved its reputation at many power plants. Only in current year the turbines of this modification of was supplied to Ulaanbaatar CHPP-4 (Mongolia), Astana CHPP-2 (Kazakhstan) and Abakan CHPP.

It's worth mentioning that another turbine by UTW was put into operation in the Kirov region in this year: In June at Kirov CHPP-3 a modern combined cycle gas turbine unit was put into operation, which included steam turbine T-63/76-8,8.

11.12.2014 The Newest TEEMP Supercapacitor Prototypes Twice Cheaper and More Powerful Than Counterparts

Skolkovo venture conference “Batteries and Energy Storage: from intellectual potential to end-user products” took place on 10 December 2014. Start-up companies, potential Skolkovo participants and corporations presented their developments in the field of electrochemical energy storage. TEEMP, a member of the Rotec Holding and a Skolkovo resident, presented pulse and power (hybrid) supercapacitors. TEEMP created high-value capacitors for short processes, such as accumulation of the braking energy of electrically driven cars. Fundamentally new design of the capacitors that reduced the labour intensity of manufacturing by almost 10 times, and the nanoporous electrode carbon that increased the capacitance by almost 1.5 times, took the capacitor cost down by 2-3 times as compared to the competitors.

Cheap energy storage units combined with the other TEEMP’s energy-saving solution – gearless drive (motor-wheels) – allowed creating so long expected eco-car for wide use at the price of a regular car.

Anatoly Dolgolaptev, General Director of TEEMP: "Development is completed. The advantages of the new products are confirmed, by independent tests too. At the moment, pursuant to the results of the tests, we are preparing a decision on establishment of the serial production and conducting negotiations with potential technology partners and investors."

Energy storage units based on TEEMP supercapacitors can be used for automobile and railway transport, at traditional and renewable power facilities as energy storage, in the Smart Grid systems. At the conference TEEMP met representatives of Rosatom who are interested in the extensive application of this product in order to improve power quality in the grids.

09.12.2014 Unstable Ruble Rate Hinders Competent Forecasts. Interview of Mikhail Lifshitz to Interfax

Ural Turbine Works, a manufacturer of steam turbines within the Renova Group, hopes for revenue growth despite the predicted recession in Russian economy. The company pursues development both in Russia and in the foreign markets of Mongolia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and India. However, the instability of the ruble exchange rate denies the possibility to correctly predict and plan the financial outcome, said Mikhail Lifshitz, Director for development of high-tech assets with the Renova Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ural Turbine Works, in an interview to Interfax.

Ural Turbine Works just recently signed a contract with Mosenergo to replace one turbine at CHP-22. Are you planning to expand cooperation?

- Mosenergo has nineteen T-250 turbines, and now we embark on replacing the first one that we built. In 1972, it was a first production unit, and now, too, we are installing a first production model of the new generation instead of that pilot turbine. Capacity of the new turbine reaches 335 MW.

Certainly, all the old turbines will be replaced over time because any equipment has a limited lifespan. We expect that after commissioning of the first pilot model we will continue to be a part of this process. A lot depends on the outcome of the first project.

One should understand that in Moscow it is impossible to carry on reconstruction of more than two turbines simultaneously. Therefore, it will be a rather long program.

What is the current scope of work of the plant?

We manufacture about one turbine a month, i.e. 12-15 turbines of different types per year. Their total capacity is up to 1.6 GW.

Are you considering a possibility of supplying the turbines that you produce to the Crimea?

Steam power unit is a system that consumes water, and you know what the situation with water is like in the Crimea. So, it is unlikely that our steam turbines will be in demand there. We do not produce gas turbines. If the power grid of the Crimea uses the combined cycle, then yes, we expect that the customer will consider our product line, in particular, the new type of turbines for combined-cycle units.

Regional authorities, the Ministry of Energy of the RF, and the industry science must determine which units are more efficient in that region.

As sanctions were imposed on the Russian Federation by the United States and the European Union, many started talking about the import substitution. Is this a benefit to you?

Sanctions are never positive. We manufacture a product of long production cycle, i.e. manufacturing of a turbine takes one to two years. Consequently, the cost of components, contracted works, and the value of money are not changing for the better.

In terms the competitive environment, given that there is a competition of foreign companies Siemens, Alstom, GE, more so; the sanctions gave some benefits. But in terms of the business processes, the impact is negative rather than positive.

Only time may tell what impact the sanctions will have on the economy of the company in the result.

Investment program of Ural Turbine Works is $ 20 million per year. Where do the funds come from?

We finance the investments ourselves from the profits of the company.

The plant is loaded with orders. We cooperate with nearly all generating companies in the country, and do more than that. This year we are commissioning a unit in Mongolia, and we have recently commissioned a power plant in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan. We have ongoing orders from Central Asian Power-Energy Company.

Any new contracts to be signed?

It takes a year to manufacture a turbine. We are now concluding contracts for the turbines that will be supplied at the end of 2015 and in 2016. Year 2015 fully booked.

To feel healthy and sustainable in a changing economic environment, the company needs diversification in terms of product range and geography. In the past few years, the plant created a line of small turbines of different purposes. And now we are coming back to the high capacity market with a large turbine. We are interested in working in all countries that have centralized heat supply, and I hope that we will slightly expand our geography in the nearest time.

Do you have plans to cooperate with Chinese companies?

- In the 2000s, we have supplied ten turbines to China. Today we buy semi-manufactured components there, mainly foundry products, castings. That is why it would be more accurate to say that these are not plans but current activities. We work with the Chinese companies on a purely commercial basis: sell to them and buy from them.

Have they offered to establish joint ventures in Russia to start a new production?

In regard to turbine manufacturing, they have not. In the joint projects, we are donors rather than recipients. In terms of security of intellectual property, China is still a risk zone.

Do you continue to cooperate with European companies?

Yes, very closely. We have joint projects. Besides, today we are interested in India, Mongolia, Belarus.

Wherever we go, whatever tender we participate in, we compete with European, Chinese, Russian companies. Procurement procedures nearly always include a tender that one has to come to with a competitive product and very well verified commercial offer to be chosen be the customer.

Ural Turbine Works is a modern manufacturing facility, quite lean, without swollen overhead costs, which produces modern machines on the existing site that has shown a good performance over the decades of work. This applies to 100-150 MW turbines and 250-300 MW turbines. In terms of reliability, these machines are among the best in the world. And in terms of technical performance, we have invested a lot of effort and resources into modernization of the plant and development of new solutions that are being implemented.

What financial performance do you expect by the end of 2014?

We will finish this year with a quite significant revenue growth against year 2013. I think that we will show at least 15 percent growth as compared to last year. The expected number is about 6 billion rubles. Average EBITDA marginality in machine-building is about 11-12% . We expect that in the future our income will keep growing. Time will show should we succeed in it and should the state of the market and the political picture make it possible.

How does the ruble’s fall affect your work?

- Once again, the turbine manufacturing period is a year to a year and a half. The budget is calculated at the conclusion of the contract, but then, when it changes in the process of implementation of the contract, it affects all the aspect, including economic efficiency. We use imported components but not that much, so it is not determinative factor. In a greater degree, it is the changes in prices for the products of Russian companies and the cost of crediting services that throw obstacles to our path. Above all, the unstable rate of the ruble takes away a possibility to competently predict and plan the outcome.

Have you revised your development strategy pursuant to the changing economic and political situation?

We have not. The strategy is found on geographical diversification and expansion of the product line, which we are working on it and feel confident enough about the future.

What prospects will open for you if the Western giants such as Siemens and GE will leave the market of generating equipment under pressure of the sanctions?

Nobody is going to leave; everybody will re-arrange their activities somehow. Sanctions are temporary; no matter how long they stay, they will not stay forever. Refurbishment of the turbine fleet ensures the reliability of infrastructure and energy security; therefore, it has to be done under any conditions.

Are you planning to procure borrowed funds?

We are procuring them within reasonable limits, and we are not planning to multiply them. We have enough of our own stability for sustainable development.

Are you considering any new acquisitions? May new transactions be declared in the near future?

They may. We are looking at the market, field-specific one, of course. We offer a product of long production cycle, and clearly, it makes sense to have something else with a shorter production cycle. For example, related products, which are around the turbine, are of interest to us. Therefore, we are considering and studying the subject.

09.12.2014 Swiss Russian Forum Gives Awards for Innovation

The IV Suworov Prize Ceremony was held in Moscow on 8 December 2014 to celebrate the best innovation project. The event was initiated and hosted by Swiss-Russian Forum with the support of the Swiss Embassy in Moscow and Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology (FASIE).

The Suworov Prize is awarded to Swiss and Russian start-up projects with a transnational aspect that are noted for innovation, competitiveness and social significance. These criteria were fully met by the winners of this year: the Bioprint project of Vegascan, Moscow, the CoatMaster project, Switzerland, and Russian-Swiss project “Production of polyphylezator™ of CONSOLID system”.

This ceremony was distinguished by the fact that it was held in the year of 200th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and Switzerland. Despite economic and political challenges of the expiring year, entrepreneurs and business owners’ interest in innovation projects is invariably high.

Mikhail Lifshitz, Director for development of high-tech assets with the Renova Group and Director General of CJSC ROTEC, participated in the ceremony. Mr. Lifshitz congratulated the winners and presented ROTEC’s projects aimed at foundation of the Interindustry Center of Competence in Thin Films, Surface Modifying and Functional Coatings.

The project is implemented by the Russian company in partnership with Swiss Oerlikon. The Center will be opened in 2015.

25.11.2014 Ural Turbine Works will implement pilot project for reconstruction of power unit No.9 at CHPP-22 of Mosenergo

IMG_3508-2.jpgToday at CHPP-22 of Mosenergo OJSC a signing ceremony of the Memorandum of cooperation between Gazprom Energoholding LLC and ROTEC CJSC in order to execute the contract for reconstruction of power unit No. 9 at CHPP-22 was held. The document was signed by Denis Fedorov, member of the Board of Directors of Mosenergo OJSC, Director General of Gazprom Energoholding LLC and Mikhail Lifshitz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ural Turbine Works CJSC, Director General of ROTEC CJSC. The event was participated by Vyacheslav Kravchenko, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation.

The contract for provision by Ural Turbine Works CJSC (incorporated into ROTEC CJSC) of the full scope of works on reconstruction of power unit No. 9 at CHPP-22 of Mosenergo OJSC includes replacement of main and auxiliary equipment of the unit before September 1, 2018. The old turbine T-250/300-240, being in operation since 1972 with worked service hours equal to 280 ths., will be replaced by the newly installed turbine, new model T-295/335-23,5.

Four-cylinder turbine Т-295 which is to be specially manufactured for this project, will become a turbine of the highest capacity ever produced by Ural Turbine Works. Its maximum capacity can reach 335 MW. This turbine is the latest development of the Russian turbine construction school.

“In terms of design solutions reliability and technical characteristics this type of turbine can be recognized unique and unparalleled anywhere in the world. Turbines Т-250 which were designed and manufactured by Ural Turbine Works about 40 years ago are still in operation. Along with that, in the coming years some of turbines Т-250, which are operated at power plants of Mosenergo, will reach their ultimate life. In this regard we made the decision to start a pilot project for replacement of this turbine on power unit No. 9 at CHPP-22. Of course, the introduction of new types of equipment involves some risks, but I believe that successful implementation of this project will become an important step in development of the Russian power engineering", — said Denis Fedorov, Director General of Gazprom Energoholding LLC.

“Turbine Т-295 is a new product by Ural Turbine Works, developed on basis of turbines Т-250 involving modern solutions in the field of turbine construction, as well as up-to-date design and modeling techniques. I believe that this product will became a leader of the new product line and take rightful place not only in the energy system of Moscow but also in other cities with million people population. The team of Gazprom Energoholding and, in particular, of Mosenergo, came to the quite serious decision to install a pilot model of the new turbine at CHPP-22, having given credence to us and assigned a great responsibility, and we are going to justify this credence”, — said Mikhail Lifshitz, Director General of ROTEC CJSC.

Information reference

Cogeneration steam turbine T-250 which has to be replaced is the first of 19 turbines of this family, manufactured by Ural Turbine Works in 1970-1980 especially for power plants of Mosenergo. Turbines T-250 are the main energy sources within the structure of Moscow heat supply system. Their total capacity is 40% of the overall installed generating capacity of Mosenergo. The first three turbines T-250 were put into operation in the 1970-s exactly at CHPP-22.

Gazprom Energoholding LLC — is a holding vertical-integrated company (100%-subsidiary of Gazprom OJSC), which performs management of power generating companies of Gazprom Group according to unified standards. Gazprom Energoholding Group incorporates four companies, which produce electricity and heat — Mosenergo OJSC, MOEK OJSC, TGK-1 OJSC and OGK-2 OJSC. The Group occupies the first place in terms of aggregate index of installed capacity.

Mosenergo OJSC — is the largest territorial power generating company in Russia. Mosenergo incorporates 15 electricity generating plants with installed electric capacity of 12.3 ths. MW and heating capacity of 35 ths. Gcal-hr. The power plants owned by Mosenergo supply about 60% of electric energy consumed in Moscow Region and cover 70% of the total Moscow (excluding joined territories) demand for heat energy.

ROTEC CJSC — is a multi-industrial company. As a part of Renova Group, the company performs maintenance services for gas and steam turbines, produces and supplies power equipment and develops a number of high-tech projects in various sectors of industry, including power plant engineering, aircraft engine building and biotechnologies.

Ural Turbine Works CJSC — is one of the leading machine-building plants in Russia that designs and manufactures power equipment which specializes in manufacturing of steam turbines, as well as in maintenance service and modernization of stream and gas turbines.

14.11.2014 In 2014 Ural turbine-constructing engineers will perform works at power facilities of Kazakhstan in the amount of 1.5 billion Rubles

Ural Turbine Works, the part of the holding company ROTEC, has finished the works on reconstruction of the steam turbine with capacity 38 MW at Ust-Kamenogorsk CHPP in Kazakhstan. All assemblies within the turbine unit have been successfully tested under load.

Turbine P-38 manufactured by Ural Turbine Works has been in operation at Ust-Kamenogorsk CHPP for almost half a century — since 1967, and now became overaged. Engineers from UTW replaced the main assembly of the turbine — high pressure cylinder, including wheel space, rotor and combined journal-and-thrust bearing. Reconstruction performed allows to prolong service life of the turbine by 220,000 hours (which is equal to more than 30 years).

Another, larger scale project, being implemented in Kazakhstan with the participation of Ural turbine-constructing engineers — modernization of the turbine, capacity 100 MW, at Pavlodar CHPP-3, is nearing completion. By now major equipment has already been assembled, and installation of pipelines is now being completed. Commissioning is scheduled for December.

In 2014 two more turbines for Kazakhstan power plants were manufactured by Ural Turbine Works: turbines for Pavlodar CHPP-3 and Petropavlovsk CHPP-2. Turbine unit for Astana CHPP is now in production. Commissioning of these turbines (with capacity from 65 MW to 120 MW) is scheduled for next year.

Overall amount under the contracts with power engineering industry of Kazakhstan will be 1,512 mln. rubles.

“Today, Kazakhstan more actively than other post-Soviet countries performs modernization of its overaged power facilities, which were commissioned in Soviet years. Here we see full awareness that the turbines, which service life has been depleted, are not only ineffective, but also start to endanger the safety, so that upgrading or replacement is required, — said Mikhail Lifshitz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CJSC Ural Turbine Works.

05.11.2014 The equipment needs to be treated with respect. Interview was prepared for the "Business of Russia" web portal, October 2014.

13.10.2014 The Memorandum of Cooperation with Belenergo is signed

On October 13, 2014, in Minsk, the Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the State electric power production association Belenergo (Republic of Belarus) and CJSC Ural Turbine Works (Russian Federation) within the framework of formal visit of the Sverdlovsk Region delegation to the Republic of Belarus. SPA Belenergo General Director Yevgeny Voronov and CJSC Ural Turbine Works Chairman of the Board Mikhail Lifshits signed the document.

The document provides for cooperation between the two companies to ensure the effective performance, upgrade and development of power generating facilities in Belarus, as well as for the provision of engineering support for the operation, repair and maintenance of power generating equipment at power stations.

Yevgeny Voronov: “The Belarusian power engineers have solid experience in operating products manufactured by the Ural Turbine Works, which are installed at Minsk CHPP-3 and CHPP-4, Novopolotsk CHPP, Mogilyov CHPP-2 and Mozyr CHPP. During this time the turbines have shown good results. The new stage in our cooperation may significantly enhance reliability and efficiency of our power system.”

Mikhail Lifshitz: "In recent years, there was no proper interaction between the Ural and the Belarusian Power engineers. This period is over, we return to Belarus to work hard and tight. On two projects - the reconstruction of Minsk CHPP-3 and the modernization of the turbine Grodno CHPP-2 - the plant is already preparing its proposals for the competition. Simultaneously we analyze the perspective of spare parts supply and service market. "

Joining of efforts can be particularly useful during the modernization project implementation for the existing turbine fleet with its long operation period, as a result of which power engineers will receive virtually new turbines with state-of-the-art performance characteristics. Ural Turbine Works, as one of the leading manufacturers of cogeneration steam turbines in the post-Soviet territory, has traditionally supplied steam turbines for the Belarusian power system. Today Ural machine builders can provide expert assistance to their Belarussian colleagues in extending the life span of the existing turbine fleet.

The experience of the Ural turbine manufacturers can be useful when implementing projects to build new power units. In recent years, the Works has extended its range of products and brought to the market new cogeneration and condensing steam turbine models with improved operating parameters, including turbines for combined cycle power plants.

CJSC Ural Turbine Works (www.utz.ru) is one of the leading Russian designer, manufacturer and supplier of power generating equipment. Established in 1938, the company now specializes in the manufacture of steam turbines and the servicing and retrofitting of steam and gas turbines. The company is part of the ROTEC holding.

The State electric power production association Belenergo (www.belenergo.by) manages the economic activity of the Belarusian power system. SPA Belenergo comprises 30 business units, including six regional utility companies, construction and installation companies, infrastructure production companies, repair and commissioning companies and research and development institutes. Belenergo facilities have an installed power-generating capacity of 9,381.3 MW. 

08.09.2014 Negotiations between TEEMP chief executives and representatives of the Chinese company Great Wall were held on MIMS-2014 site

 The main automotive event of the year in the "Crocus Expo" - the Moscow International Motor Show (MIMS 2014 August 27 - September 7) was concluded.
The engineering company TEEMP part of the ROTEC holding has presented its experimental developments such as energy-power units for the participants of Motor Show: samples of gearless electric drives (motor-wheels), electric energy storage units on the basis of impulse and energy type supercapacitors, as well as the activated carbons production technology. The products that improve the transport environmental friendliness was presented by the company within the framework of the extended exhibition "Environmentally friendly transport "Green Car", organized for exhibitors by NAMI - Central Automobile and Automobile Engine Scientific Research Institute.

During the Motor Show operation the General Director of TEEMP Anatoly Dolgolaptev held talks with the General Project Manager of Great Wall (China) in Russia, Mr. Zhuang Yunkxiu. The possibility of cooperation in the field of the electric energy storage unit development for hybrid vehicles was under discussion. In April this year Great Wall launched its first hybrid car - Haval Coupe concept at Beijing Auto Show. Negotiations will be continued at the Technical Managers level in the near future. 

01.09.2014 The new power unit construction is under way at the largest power station in Mongolia

The Ural Turbine Works (ROTEC holding) will complete the construction of the new power unit at the largest in Mongolia Ulaanbaatar CHPP-4 (output 660 MW) at the end of 2014. The capacity of the whole Mongolian power system due to the project implementation will be increased by 13 percent.

The new steam turbine manufactured by the Ural Turbine Works will increase the electrical capacity of CHPP-4 from 660 to 790 MW, the thermal output and supply reliability for consumers with thermal energy (hot water) will also be increased.

Mikhail Lifshitz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ural Turbine Works CJSC, General Director of ROTEC CJSC: "It is the largest Export Contract in the post-Soviet period of Russian contractors for CHPP power unit turnkey construction. The project capital investment will be about 2 billion rubles".

By now the considerable amount of work has already been completed, the installation of the main and auxiliary equipment is under way. According to the schedule in September the steam turbine cylinders will be closed on the main building site of Ulaanbaatar CHPP-4, the installation of low and high pressure piping was made, the installation of electrical equipment and automatic process control system will begin. Besides, the commissioning works on auxiliary thermal and mechanical equipment will be executed.

In different years more than 80 steam and 5 gas turbines of various modifications manufactured by the Ural Turbine Works were supplied to the countries in North-East Asia.

27.08.2014 ROTEC holding Company introduces to automakers components for environmentally-friendly electric vehicles

TEEMP Company (part of the ROTEC holding and resident of the Skolkovo center) will introduce their developments at the main automotive event of the year - the Moscow International Motor Show, which will take place in Moscow on August 27 – September 7, 2014 in the "Crocus Expo" pavilions.

One of the main trends of the modern automobile construction is the hybrid cars that use more than one source of energy for the wheels drive. Such trend is inspired by the desire to reduce the consumption of traditional fuels and reduce the atmospheric emissions of its combustion products. Consequently, the vehicles efficiency and environmental friendliness are increased.

The gearless electric drives developed by TEEMP specialists or so-called motor-wheels, and recuperators based on supercapacitors enable to reduce in half the fuel consumption without sacrificing the important performance characteristics: capacity, maximum speed, mileage without recharging.

TEEMP specialists conduct researches in this field for many years. By now the pilot production of two basic energy components is organized: motor-wheels, where engine is installed inside the wheel, and supercapacitors that replace the vehicle battery and act as impulse during "start-stop" modes.

Mikhail Lifshits, Director, High-Tech Assets Business Development. Renova Group, General Director of ROTEC CJSC: "Our engineers have developed the world’s best filter-press assembly technology of energy storage units at the pilot sites in Korolev and in Moscow, at Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys. The basic characteristics of the manufactured energy storage units exceed manifold of the world analogues. Currently, experimental samples are sent to the potential customers. We expect to get feedback within the next year in order to prepare for the pilot and then mass production".
TEEMP experimental development will be presented within the framework of the extended exhibition "Environmentally friendly transport "Green Car", organized for exhibitors by NAMI - Central Automobile and Automobile Engine Scientific Research Institute.

18.08.2014 The scope of packaged deliveries by CJSC “ROTEC” in 2014 – over 5 bln rubles

For realization of the projects on modernization of generating capacities and implementation of programs on repairing of the equipment at Russian and some foreign power plants ROTEC holding company (CJSC "ROTEC" and Ural Turbine Works) supplies the main and auxiliary power equipment, associated parts and components in the amount of $ 5.2 bln rubles during the current year.

In August ROTEC will finish shipment of the equipment manufactured for steam turbine reconstruction at Omsk CHPP-5 (TGC-11).

The reconstruction project for the steam turbine PT-80/100-130/13, which involves increasing of its installed capacity by 18 MW, is implemented by "QUARTZ Group", LLC. ROTEC performs equipment supplies for the turbines under reconstruction, as well as provides author's supervision for the units assembling procedures and commissioning operations. Upgraded turbine must be put into operation in November 2014.

Omsk CHPP-5 is being operated since 1980, and now it is the most powerful power station within the local grid of the region (695 MW), which generates heating for Central, Octyabrskiy, partly Leninskiy and Kirovskiy administrative districts of Omsk.

06.08.2014 The new Vladimir TPP-2 power generating unit has generated its first kilowatt-hours of electric power

Commissioned in late July (July 24), a new Vladimir TPP-2 230MW combined-cycle plant has already generated about 150 million kWh of electric power.

The Vladimir TPP-2 reconstruction investment project was implemented under a large-scale Integrated Power Systems CJSC investment program providing for putting over 3.2GW of new capacity in operation till 2017. The steam turbine plant was supplied for the new power generating unit, and engineering support services were provided for the Vladimir project by ROTEC holding.

Environmental friendliness and energy efficiency are an important characteristic of the new power facility.

Mikhail Lifshits, Director General, ROTEC CJSC: "The design specific fuel consumption for power generation are 18% at the new Vladimir TPP-2 power generating unit, and that for heat generation are 9% lower as compared to the average specific indicators of the TGC-6 circuit plants. Thus, a substantial increase in generation capacity efficiency can be ascertained. These characteristics are provided by modern equipment and technologies. In particular, the steam turbine plants manufactured by our Ural Turbine Works for TPP reconstruction projects in Vladimir, Kirov, and other cities are a specifically designed turbine model for the combined cycle."

ROTEC currently continues providing an engineering support to five major investment projects totaling 1,470MW. The Ural Turbine Works equipment similar to that installed at the Vladimir TPP-2 will be also installed at the Akademicheskaya TPP in Yekaterinburg, Novoberezniki TPP and Nizhniaya Tura TPP.

04.08.2014 ROTEC specialists have repaired the Kaliningrad TPP-2 turbines

01.08.2014 After the reconstruction of power Kirov CHPP-3 increased more than 2 times

A new Kirov TPP-3 power generating unit was put in operation on July 31. An investment project worth 10.3 billion rubles was implemented by Integrated Power Systems under a large-scale program of putting into operation new capacities. The start-up ceremony was attended by Acting Governor of the Kirov Region Nikita Belykh and IPS CEO Boris Vainzikher.

The steam turbine for the new combined-cycle plant (CCP) and the CCP control and protection package were supplied by the Ural Turbine Works (ROTEC holding). ROTEC specialists have also provided a technical support to this investment project and controlled work completion dates, quality and safety.

Mikhail Lifshits, Director General, ROTEС CJSC: "The introduction of modern highly efficient cogeneration facilities is one of the tasks provided for in the Energy Strategy of Russia. Such combined-cycle plants, one of which was put in operation at the Kirov CHPP are characterized by high efficiency over 50% and low level of toxic emissions as compared to the conventional coal-fueled steam turbine plants operated at the majority of Russian TPPs. This is already a third major investment project implemented with the participation of ROTEС in 2014. Similar power generating units were put in operation at Izhevsk TPP-1 and Vladimir TPP-2."

Kirov TPP-3 supplied heat for Kirovo-Chepetsk industry and residential sector and electric power for Kirov Region consumers. The installed Kirov TPP-3 capacity was 160MW and thermal capacity 813GCal/h before the new power generating unit was put in operation. The reconstruction increased the electrical capacity by 230MW and thermal capacity by 136GCal/h. The new Kirov TPP-3 combined-cycle plant is the most economical and environmentally friendly generating equipment in the Kirov Region today.

17.07.2014 Installation of a turbine to be upgraded by the Ural Turbine Works started at the Pavlodar TPP-3, Kazakhstan

UTW CJSC is upgrading the T-100/120-130-2 turbine located at power generating unit #5 of the Pavlodar TPP-3, Kazakhstan. The equipment has been shipped, and works began at the plant. The installation is supervised by Ural Turbine Works specialists. The turbine will be put in operation in October 2014.

Two similar turbines will be upgraded at power generating units #4 and #6 under the Pavlodar TPP-3 investment program in 2015 and 2016, respectively. Orders related to the first turbine have already been placed in production.

The turbines will be subjected to thorough upgrading involving the replacement of high-pressure cylinders. Overaged turbine components and parts operated at high temperature will be replaced. Not only turbine life (220,000 hours or about 30 years) will be restored, but its capacity will also be increased as a result of upgrading. Each upgraded turbine will generate 20MW more, which is important for ensuring a reliable plant operation in a broad range of loads with increased environmental and economic indicators.

Pavlodar TPP-3 is a Pavlodarenergo JSC enterprise, which, in turn, is a part of Central-Asian Electric Power Corporation JSC (CAEPC JSC). Pavlodar TPP-3 is one of the largest thermal power plants in Kazakhstan, it supplies electric power and heat to the Northern District of Pavlodar, a regional center where large metallurgical works and oil refineries are located.

11.07.2014 UTW Displays New Turbine Models and Negotiates with Belarus at INNOPROM-2014

09.07.2014 ROTEC and Ural Works of Civil Aviation Signed Contract for Coating Application and Custom Production Startup in Yekaterinburg

09.07.2014 A Renova company will invest $70 million in a center producing coatings for industry. Vedomosti

ROTEC CJSC (part of Renova SC) plans to invest over $70 million in creating a cross-sectoral competence center specialised in thin films, functional coatings, and surface modification, as the company press release says. The project is supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and is funded by a Vnesheconombank credit.

The center is assumed to satisfy the needs of the Ural region by creating a branch in the territory of Ural Turbine Works (also a part of the Renova SC) employing about 30 persons, and investments in the establishment of the branch will exceed $20 million.

ROTEC signed an agreement with Urals Civil Aviation Works OJSC (UZGA, a part of Rostekh) for the coating application and organization of a specialized production facility in Ekaterinburg at the Innoprom-2014 international exhibition on Wednesday.

UZGA is expected to become one of the largest coating center customers. The parties also plan to jointly develop a new generation of coatings for a variety of applications.

UZGA repairs over 1,000 of aircraft engines and gearboxes a year. The total company requirement for application of various coatings is about $15 million per year.

ROTEC CJSC is a multi-profile industry holding. It services gas and steam turbines and manufacture and supply of power equipment.

UZGA is one of the largest aircraft repair enterprises in Russia. Its main activities are repairing aircraft gas turbine engines and their components, main gear boxes, and gas aviation drive motors.

24.04.2014 UTW steam turbine installed on Vladimir HPP-2 has generated the first megawatts of electric power

 The steam turbine trial starts of the combined cycle gas turbine for 230 MW (CCGT unit -230) has been passed at the Vladimir HPP-2 (associate of CJSC "KES"). The single-cylinder turbine Т-63/76-8,8 manufactured by the ​​Ural Turbine Works is specially designed for the operation in combined cycle.

Vladimir HPP-2 delivers heat to residential areas and electricity to industrial enterprises of the city. The construction of a new CCGT unit is the first important project aimed at the HPP capacity increase. 230 MW capacity combined cycle gas turbine unit will be located at the first stage plant site, commissioned in 1962. The new combined cycle gas turbine unit will replace a worn turbine of 60 MW capacity.

In comparison with the previous generation, the UTW steam turbine with maximum capacity of 76 MW has high energy performance, cost effectiveness, reliability, as well as industrial and environmental safety. During the turbine design the maneuverability of the turbine was improved, and two extraction stages for heating were developed to cover the maximum heat load.

Start-up operations of the steam turbine were carried out for two days, during which the steam turbine plant was connected to a power supply for several hours. During this period the basic parameters of the turbine operation at the intermediate load of 24 MW were examined.

At the moment the steam turbine has been stopped before CCGT unit -230 commissioning. At the same time, preparations for the trial start-up of gas turbine are made at the construction site of Vladimir HPP-2.

23.04.2014 Power generating unit 8 equipped with a UTW steam turbine is put in operation at Barnaul TPP-2. Neftegaz.ru

This is the first investment project of this scale in the Altai power industry in the recent decades.

Ural Turbine Works supply T-65-130-2M turbines (maximum capacity: 65MW) for the two Barnaul TPP-2 power generating units (Siberian Generating Company LLC). The commissioned power generating unit is the first stage of plant modernization. The second steam turbine will be put in operation at power generating unit 9 in January 2015. The start-up of two turbines will increase plant capacity by 30%.

The new equipment will increase plant reliability, increase the power reserve of the entire regional power system, and reduce fuel consumption per unit of supplied energy. The environmental situation in Barnaul will be improved due to a significant reduction of harmful emissions. For example, sulfur and nitrogen oxide emissions will be made more than two times less, and ash emissions eight times less.

In addition, the commissioning of power generating 8 alone has created 400 jobs. Contractors were involved in project implementation and a series of new service businesses were established.

T-60/65-130-2M steam turbines are installed instead of overaged T-55-130 turbines manufactured by Ural Turbine Works, too. These machines have proven themselves to be reliable over many years of operation at TPPs in Russia and CIS countries.

The new two-cylinder T-65-130-2M turbines use modern components and modified elements increasing the technical and economic performance and turbine plant throughput. The electrical load of the new turbine generator will be 65MW (the installed capacity of the old decommissioned equipment was 55MW). This will enable additionally generating about 320 million KWh of electric power per year for the needs of the Altai Territory.

The old foundations and existing infrastructure were extensively used during installation of the new equipment to reduce the work completion time and cost. The seismic characteristics of the region were taken into account, and the equipment will operate without failures in case of earthquakes.

T-65-130-2M turbines are a popular UTW model. The turbines of this model were installed at Novo-Ryazanskaya and Pavlodar TTPs, Kazakhstan, in the recent years.

22.04.2014 The power generation plant No. 8 equipped with a steam turbine manufactured by UTW has been put into operation at Barnaul HPP-2

03.04.2014 ROTEC has manufactured and supplied a column for Khabarovsk Refinery ahead of schedule

17.03.2014 The First Turbine of UTW CJSC Has Received Customs Union Certificate

07.03.2014 ROTEC and UTW have presented their state-of-the-art solutions for supply and maintenance of steam and gas turbines

03.03.2014 ROTEC and UTW will participate in “Russia Power 2014”

ROTEC and the Ural Turbine Works (UTW) will participate in the international exhibition-conference “Russia Power 2014” organized from 4 to 6 March, 2014, at Expocentre on
Krasnaya Presnya, Moscow.

The companies will exhibit a number of offers and up-to-date solutions for shipment and servicing of steam and gas turbines, including auxiliary equipment, long-term service and remote monitoring. The company experts will consult visitors about their
products and solutions, if necessary.

Traditionally, Rotec and UTW appreciate the importance of their participation in the exhibition, as it provides an opportunity to meet designers, customers, contractors and professionals of the Russian power market. 

21.02.2014 Tests of a new power generating unit comprising T-65 turbine manufactured by UTW have been completed at Barnaul HPP-2

17.02.2014 Kirov CHP-4 Announces Successful Trial Runs of UTW Turbine

14.02.2014 ROTEC extends cooperation with InterRao

The specialists from CJSC “ROTEC” and Quartz Group
LLC will conduct scheduled maintenance of two gas turbines installed at the Kaliningrad HPP-2 (associated with OJSC “InterRao”).

This is the second joint project between ROTEC and “InterRao”. Last year in September ROTEC carried out emergency response and
restoration of gas turbine installed at the St. Petersburg North-West HPP.

“Successful work on the project North-West HPP has largely determined the decision of “InterRao” to extend cooperation with our company” – said ROTEC’s General Director Mr. Mikhail Valeryevich Lifshits. - We
are thankful to our partners for their confidence.”

The Kaliningrad HPP-2 is one of the state-of-the-art facilities in Russia. It is a strategic infrastructure facility in the Kaliningrad region. It provides its energetic independence and allows sales of portions of electric energy to Lithuania.

11.02.2014 UTW Purchased a New Portal Milling Machine

31.01.2014 Mikhail Lifshitz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ZAO Ural Turbine Works, General Director of ZAO ROTEK: « UTW Has A Lot To Be Proud Of». Interview for «Power and Industry».

31.01.2014 Ural engineers produced a turbine for Akademicheskiy residential area in Yekaterinburg

16.01.2014 The Ural Turbine Works retrofitted the metal structure shop

A new hydraulic press manufactured by HIDROGARNE company (Spain) has been commissioned at the Ural Turbine Works (UTW). The equipment is designed for straightening (truing) of sheet products and stamping odd-shaped parts. The installation and adjustment works were performed by the specialists of St. Petersburg CJSC IRLEN-ENGINEERING.

The 48-ton press was manufactured taking into consideration the specific UTW requirements. There are no analogues of such equipment at any other power plant engineering enterprises. The new machine replaced П-3236 model press which was manufactured 45 years ago and has already outlived its usefulness.

It should be noted that the Ural Turbine Works as a supplier of the main and auxiliary heat power plant equipment has its own production of metal structures, such as reheaters and condensers. The metal structure shop is one of the enterprise’s most advanced shops. Some new welding machines, flame cut-off line and a sheet and plate bending machine were installed in it in the recent years.

30.12.2013 ROTEC has performed repairs of turbines of the most up-to-date HPP of Mosenergo

11.12.2013 The UTW increased the power of Kazakhstan’s electric power system

11.12.2013 Winners of Suvorov award for innovation projects have been determined

10.12.2013 The UTW has completed a large capital investment project

21.11.2013 The UTW supplies Ulyanovsk aircraft company with power

11.11.2013 The UTW is the largest regional supplier of turbines to Kazakhstan

05.11.2013 The UTW retrofitted the turbines for Gazprom

The Ural Turbine Works completed manufacture of the equipment for retrofit of three gas compressor units ГТН-6 installed at Medvezhye field of Gazprom dobycha Nadym LLC. The contract for their retrofit was concluded with OJSC Iskra-Turbogaz in March, 2012.

It became necessary to retrofit the installed UTW production equipment due to the field development period prolongation. A suggestion for redesign of power turbine ГТН–6 for parameters of new compressors was selected from numerous variants and solutions.

The UTW’s solutions on retrofit of the existing fleet enabled Gazprom to prolong the field development period cost-effectively.

Currently the first ГТН-6 unit installation supervision is underway. All three units will be commissioned in 2014. The further retrofit of 9 remaining units will be performed subsequently.

07.10.2013 ROTEC ZAO has launched a new corporate website

03.10.2013 The press trip on the Ural Turbine Works, October the 8

23.09.2013 UTW has been building up its presence in Kazakhstan

20.09.2013 ROTEC enhances the Mosenergo turbine reliability

19.09.2013 На Уральском турбинном заводе прошла Конференция молодых специалистов

17.09.2013 Вице-губернатор Санкт-Петербурга Игорь Голиков посетил Уральский турбинный завод

12.09.2013 УТЗ получил новый патент

05.09.2013 Уральский турбинный завод выпустил новое издание о паровых турбинах

26.08.2013 A turbine at the North-Western CHP has been refurbished

26.08.2013 A turbine at the North-Western CHP has been refurbished

21.08.2013 Министр промышленности и науки Свердловской области посетил УТЗ

19.08.2013 Краснодарский центр

13.08.2013 Ural Turbine Works signed a contract with Sevkazenergo

10.08.2013 Ростовский центр

09.08.2013 Инжиринговый центр

25.07.2013 Sulzer is expanding its product portfolio

15.07.2013 Ural Turbine Works presented industrial power generation equipment at Innoprom-2013

12.07.2013 ROTEC to build one of the world’s largest Coating Centers in Russia

12.07.2013 ROTEC to build one of the world’s largest Coating Centers in Russia

04.07.2013 Oerlikon Balzers is opening an Aerospace Industry Competence Center near Paris

01.07.2013 Ural Turbine Works reorganizes its production facilities

01.07.2013 Interview of Oleg Shevchenko, the Deputy General Manager in Power Projects, with the magazine “Turbines & Diesels”, July 2013

25.06.2013 Ural Turbine Works upgrades facilities in Kazan

20.06.2013 Oerlikon Balzers opens a new Coating Center in China

11.06.2013 Уральский турбинный завод принял участие во Всероссийской конференции «Реконструкция энергетики-2013»

07.06.2013 First in Russia remote diesel/solar power plant has been built in the settlement of Yailyu, Altai Territory

07.06.2013 Ротек построил первую в России удаленную дизель-солнечную электростанцию в Алтайском крае. Бизнес-ТАСС

05.06.2013 Mikhail Lifshits: “Energy development program shall be flexible”

29.05.2013 Oerlikon anticipates 20% annual growth of the volume of application of thin film coating on diesel engine components

29.05.2013 Oerlikon is expanding its stock of orders

22.05.2013 ROTEC ZAO presented a project for setting up a PLA biopolymer production facility at an environmental congress in St. Petersburg

14.05.2013 Interview with Mikhail Lifshits “Metal Supply and Sales” Magazine, Issue 5, 2013

14.05.2013 Ural Turbine Works has completed an investment project

14.05.2013 Interview with Mikhail Lifshits “Metal Supply and Sales” Magazine, Issue 5, 2013

29.04.2013 UTW has completed testing of a turbine manufactured for the Kirov CHP

25.04.2013 Ural Turbine Works continues equipment retrofitting

19.04.2013 Sulzer increases production of ceramic coating materials

12.04.2013 Mikhail Lifshits will become member of the Swiss company Oerlikon Board of Directors

12.04.2013 Mikhail Lifshits will become member of the Swiss company Oerlikon Board of Directors

09.04.2013 ROTEC ZAO and Purac signed a strategic agreement to develop a project of the first biopolymer production facility in Russia

09.04.2013 Ренова изучает возможность создания в России производства биополимеров, инвестиции оцениваются в 16 млрд рублей. Бизнес-ТАСС

Belarusian Energy & Ecology Congress and Specialized Exhibition "Energy Expo-2015"

Minor Inspection of Gas Turbines on CHP-21 (Moscow) and Pravoberezhnaya CHP ( Saint Petersburg)


New power-generating unit was put into operation at Ulaanbaatar CHPP-4. 20.03.2015

POWER-GEN Russia Exhibition and Conference, 3 -5 March 2015, Expocentre, Moscow

Main General Contractor Services

Steam turbine maintenance

Mikhail Lifshitz

Energy Storage Units (Supercapacitor)

Сeremony of the Memorandum of cooperation between Gazprom Energoholding LLC and ROTEC CJSC

Ivan Panasyuk Ivan Panasyuk

Gas Turbine Maintenance

Visit to the Research and development center for thin-film technologies in energetics under Ioffe Institute LLC

Viktor Spesivtsev Viktor Spesivtsev

Coating Center

ROTEC and UTW in the Russia Power 2014 exhibition

75th Anniversary of Ural Turbine Works


The Innoprom-2013

Konstantin Shurygin Konstantin Shurygin

Yailyu, Altai Gallery

Инжиринговый центр

Siemens round table


Yulia Schirova Yulia Schirova

Ural Turbine Works

Ural Turbine Works

ROTEC is an industrial solutions developer and provider

Remote Monitoring Center

Feedback from customers and partners




Honeycomb seals in power generation

Honeycomb seals in the aviation industry

Advantages of ROTEC honeycomb seals

Honeycomb Solutions

Remote monitoring and prognostics system

Opening of the Gas Turbines Hot Path Repair Center

Rotec and AKKA Technologies, a leading European group, will join effort to develop engineering in Russia


Promotional information

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Notice of the procurement

Press about us

Mikhail Lifshits competitive environment in power engineering

Information on the procedure for procurement


Press releases

Modernization of turbine T-100

Comment on ROTEK from INTER RAO

New York consumers as much energy in 5 years as we produce in a year

Signed contracts for service turbines on more than 100 years

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